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June / July 2014 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 20 NETWORK SYSTEMS Wireless Fiber - Solutions that Enable Smart, Scalable, Simple and Superior Performing Networks As more people, places and things require connectivity, the reality of building the right network with the right capabilities in all the right places affects enterprises of all types and sizes. In a highly-compet- itive market with very demanding enterprise users, businesses must deliver exceptional communication experiences for their workers and visitors to grow their operations, reduce costs and stay profitable. Businesses are balancing a number of factors that affect their ability to deliver communications across their organizations: inside and outside build- ings, across the street and across the campus but deliver the connectivity that users require to those places where fiber does not reach or is cost prohibitive to deploy high-speed, low-latency and secure private networks All of these factors are driving change and shaping the delivery of new and innovative solutions for enterprises in which microwave transport is a critical component. Customers can quickly deploy powerful, flexible and cost-effective wireless fiber solutions when fiber solutions are impractical or as a backup if fiber transmission is im- paired. Private industries as well as government and military organiza- tions deploy microwave networks to ensure fast, secure transmis- sion, particularly where speed and throughput are critical, such as in the utility and trading industries. A Leading Microwave Solution Ericsson's Wireless Fiber is the world's leading microwave solution, suitable for any enterprise setting, indoors and outdoors. The port- folio supports both line-of-sight (LOS) and non-line-of-sight (NLOS) configurations for efficient outdoor deployments, delivering high-quality performance and low cost of own- ership. With higher performance and greater system gain than other microwave products available to- day, Ericsson's Wireless Fiber uses smaller dishes that require a smaller footprint, minimizing real estate lease costs for lower total cost of ownership (TCO), and wireless fiber radios consume 60 percent less power in energy cost optimization mode than other solutions. Wireless fiber solutions are modular and use common antennas and radios to allow maximum flex- ibility, serving the needs of a variety of customers and uses. The ability to reuse the same antenna across Ericsson Wireless Fiber products means greater implementation flexibility and reduced costs. Cross- product compatibility, including hop compatibility, allows the portfolio to function like a set of building blocks, configurable in a range of deployment scenarios that contrib- ute to the smooth expansion of existing networks. The carrier-grade, licensed spectrum portfolio delivers optimized TCO and supports native Ethernet up to 1 Gbps per radio, expandable up to 2 Gbps per hop in 2015. Packet functionality offers quality-aware Ethernet, IP and MPLS, Sync Ethernet and transparent synch over packet. To secure the network, SSH, SFTP, SNMPv3 and RADIUS/ TACACS+ protocols are supported. The portfolio includes: zero-footprint microwave solu- tions with reduced power con- sumption that can be deployed in single hops and/or end sites. outdoor, compact, end-node designed solutions for cost- efficient microwave hop deploy- ments that offer high-capacity capabilities for true plug-and- play operation. management functions of each network element allow it to be managed locally or remotely with a single, networkwide man- agement system common to all MINI-LINK nodes. Wireless Fiber - Modularity = Flexibility Ericsson's Wireless Fiber portfolio continues to evolve to address the changing needs of businesses, bringing state-of-the-art solu- tions to market that enable smart, scalable, simple and superior- performing networks. Ericsson's industry-leading portfolio is proven and field tested, with deployments in 175 countries across 800 custom- ers and 3 million microwave links in operation. Work with TESSCO to show you how to design and deploy microwave-based wireless fiber transport solutions. Visit www.tessco.com/go/ericsson. Indoor/Outdoor: CN 510 All Outdoor: PT 2020 All Outdoor: PT 6020 Simple Wireless Startup at the Turn of a Wheel Eliminate costly multicore cables from your application using Phoenix Contact Radioline. This new wireless platform pro- vides wire replacement for simple I/O and serial com- munication. Radioline is an all-in-one wireless system for I/O-to-I/O, I/O-to- Modbus or serial-to-serial applications. Radioline's robust, trusted wireless technol- ogy allows for applications up to 20 miles and, at short range, can penetrate some of the most difficult obstruc- tions. Radioline features serial data rates of 500 Kbps, expandable, hot-swappable I/O, and 128-bit ASE encryption. Wireless network installation is made simple with software-free set- up for I/O to I/O communications. Using integrated thumbwheels, the wireless modules are uniquely iden- tified to the network. Expansion I/O can be added to the wireless mod- ule, allowing the collection of com- mon analog and digital signals. The unique thumbwheel configuration makes setup a simple turn of a wheel. Visit www.tessco.com/go/ phoenixcontact. TESSCO No. 512308 900MHz Transceiver, DIN-Rail, BUS Conn, DC-Powered List: $695.00 TESSCO No. 543960 2.4 GHz Radioline Radio Module List: $495.00 TESSCO No. 513959 Combination I/O Module, 2 DI/DO, 1AI/AO List: $310.00 TRUST TESSCO FOR THE TOOLS & SUPPLIES TO GET THE JOB DONE Greenlee Optical Fusion Splicer TESSCO No. 565045 Sumitomo Splicer Kit With Accessories TESSCO No. 501482 Corning UniCam Connector Installation Toolkit TESSCO No. 357779 Greenlee Fiber Optic Termination Kit TESSCO No. 351435 Wireless Solutions Fiber Optic Crimp Tool TESSCO No. 445676 TESSCO offers all Government customers the products, programs, service and support to meet your wireless needs. www.tessco.com/go/gsa

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