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Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 12 June / July 2014 INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS Latest Outdoor Enclosure Configurations & Deployment Tips Integrating outdoor Wi-Fi into a campus environment for security, voice and general productivity ap- plications is becoming the most efficient way to extend a wireless network and provide continuous coverage to large, outdoor spaces or to connect multibuilding facilities to one central network. Inherently, this new deployment method poses unique challenges such as inclem- ent weather, power options and other environmental factors. TerraWave Solutions , a Ventev Wireless Infrastructure brand, has developed numerous solutions to combat these chal- lenges and provide consistent, reliable wireless services to these outdoor environments. Enclosures Ventev's new line of fully integrated, plug-and-play outdoor enclosure systems make the installation of indoor access points in outdoor environments safe, quick and cost- effective. This new line includes the industry's first PoE outdoor enclo- sure system powered by a single PoE Ethernet cable. Antennas TerraWave's industry-leading outdoor MIMO omnidirectional antenna has been deployed in numerous harsh environments and has proven to be the most universal solution for an outdoor environment. For directional applications, the MIMO patch and panel antennas are perfect for creating point-to- point coverage. Accessories From mounting solutions to custom- configured cable assemblies, TerraWave and Ventev engineer installation-friendly accessories to save time and money during the install. Visit www.tessco.com/go/terrawave. After you choose the radio, choose Ventev to deploy, protect, power, and improve your wireless radio network Is Your Campus Connected? Extend Indoor Wi-Fi Outdoors with TerraWave PoE Enclosures Provide Seamless Connectivity to Campus Safely and Easily PoE Enclosure System with Integrated TerraWave antenna for Cisco 3602e TESSCO No. 514458 For more information visit:Terra-Wave.com Contact: 800.851.4965, sales@ventev.com With the proliferation of smartphones, laptops and other Wi-Fi enabled devices for business, education and pleasure, users expect to be connected to the internet continuously. However, creating a separate outdoor Wi-Fi network is expensive and time-consuming. Now, extending Wi-Fi connectivity outdoors, even in harsh environments, may be easier than you think. Ventev's Outdoor Enclosure Systems product line offers you a variety of enclosure solutions that make the installation of indoor access points in outdoor environments safe, quick and cost-effective. Outdoor Wi-Fi Enclosure Features: n Fully integrated system n One PoE cable powers both AP and environmental controls n Environmental controls for hot and/or cold climates n Optional TerraWave Antenna n Available for Aruba, Cisco, Meru, Motorola APs Product Benefits: n Fast and flexible installation n Lower deployment costs up to 30% n Plug and play solution TESSCO No. 573630 Ventev PoE & AC Enclosure System for Aruba 104 AP List: $1,349.98 TESSCO No. 530046 Ventev UPS Enclosure System for Cisco 3602e AP List: $1,899.98 TESSCO No. 376841 TerraWave Patch Antenna List: $176.80 TESSCO No. 316571 TerraWave Outdoor MIMO Omni Antenna List: $428.40

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