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JULY AUGUST 2016 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 6 INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS LTEE Series Enclosures Offer Unlimited Versatility DDB Unlimited's LTEE series of enclosures are crafted from their Alumiflex material, which is lighter than steel but strong enough to rack the heaviest equipment. With standard features including HVAC, climate control, electrical load panel, and side spool cabinet, the LTEE enclosures also provide adjustable racking and a three point locking system for added security. The LTEE series meets NEMA 3R, 4, and 4X standards and is ETL Certified to UL standards, plus DDB Unlimited backs them with an industry-leading 15 year warranty. They are ideal for use in any environment, including telecommunications, wireless/broadband, fiber optics, backhaul, base stations, small cell/DAS, utilities, trailer-based communications, and Wi-Fi. DDB Unlimited is a leader and innovator in the design and manufacture of outdoor enclo- sures for various industries, with a broad selec- tion of quality, feature-rich solutions that can be customized for any application. Visit www.tessco.com/go/ddb. TESSCO No. 537092 Outdoor Aluminum Enclosure, 80"H x 25"W x 34"D List: $5,469.00 Outdoor Aluminum Enclosure Power Monitoring and Control of Your Communications Site Keeping your communications network up and running is critical to your business. Two key factors are a reliable power source and real time monitoring and control. The HE1U- BBLVD-MU Series from DuraComm provides confidence that your site is fully operational, secure, and the entire power system, includ- ing batteries, is in peak condition. The DuraComm 1500 Watt HE1U-BBLVD- MU Series provides very high-power density coupled with integrated battery backup and battery low-voltage disconnect available in 12, 24 and 48VDC. The HE1U-BBLVD-MU provides the means to connect your battery bank, charger, and communications device for seamless power and back up operation. These units are also equipped with Ethernet connected monitoring, control, and notifica- tion of alarm conditions. This provides you real time information of the Temperature, AC input Voltage, DC output voltage and cur- rent, Battery Voltage and Current and DC Ok Alarm for the power supply module. Also this provides you a dry contact input to monitor external equipment and a digital output to control an external relay. All of these functions allow you to manage and control the state of your communications site and alert you to a problem before your customers do. Visit www.tessco.com/go/duracomm. Coming Soon! HE1U-BBLVD-MU Series Lightweight Antennas Perfect for Rugged Environments Telewave ANT2350Y12-WR and ANT2600Y12-WR are rugged, wideband, high gain Yagi antennas for the Wi-Fi and WiMAX/ LTE bands, covering 2300-2500 and 2500- 2700 MHz respectively. At only 18-24 inches long, these lightweight antennas are perfect for handheld use with portable analyzers, temporary coverage enhancement, or as a wireless donor link. Applications include interference location, coverage testing, and site characterization. Each antenna provides 12 dBd/14 dBi gain with a typical 20 dB front to back ratio, and is completely sealed with Telewave's high-tech Txylan coating, which protects the antenna from water damage and adverse weather con- ditions. The feed line is sealed within the boom, and an RF-transparent radome protects the driven element. These antennas can also be quickly installed for temporary or permanent fixed use in any environment, with the included small U-clamp and plate allowing vertical or horizontal po- larization. Several types of optional mounting hardware are available, including a rotatable Universal mount for precise positioning on a variety of supports. An N-Female or 7-16 DIN connector is permanently mounted in the end of the boom. Visit www.tessco.com/go/telewave. TESSCO No. 566323 2300-2500 MHz Yagi Antenna List: $436.70 TESSCO No. 579846 2500-2700 MHz Yagi Antenna List: $436.70 Yagi Antenna The tools & supplies you use every day... in stock & on sale. Limited-Time Pricing: Shop now to be sure you're taking advantage of these special offers. Visit www.tessco.com/go/deals

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