Tessco Wireless Journal July August 2016 Page 3 TESSCO Wireless Journal July-August 2016

JULY AUGUST 2016 3 See TESSCO's entire product offering and your pricing on TESSCO.com or call TESSCO at 888.743.0655. After you choose the radio, choose Ventev to deploy, protect, power, and improve your wireless radio network Powers Access Points through Daylight Hours; Recharges with AC Power at Night Ventev's new Power Extender enables continuous operation of access points or other PoE+ devices that are installed on light poles with intermittent AC power. Product Features and Benefits: n Designed for light poles that are controlled by timers or photocells that interrupt the availability of AC power to conserve energy n Powers devices up to 18 hours during daylight hours and recharges batteries within 6 hours at night when AC power is available n Provides 35 watts of PoE output power to drive most wireless radios or PoE cameras n Allows the use of any light pole located in the coverage area for optimal network design NEW! OUTDOOR WI-FI POWER SOLUTIONS For more information visit: Ventev.com/Infra Contact: 800.851.4965, sales@ventev.com TESSCO No. 553902 CALL TODAY FOR DEMO: 800-851-4965 Ventev's Power Extender Enables Wi-Fi on Intermittently-Powered Light Poles Expand Power Range of Din Rail DC UPS Newmar's DC UPS in 12, 24 and 48 volt ratings gives you more battery powered choices for your din rail mount enclosure applications. The line now comprises 6 models which provide all essential DC UPS features in one unit: battery charger, power supply, low voltage disconnect, battery diagnostics, and alarm contacts. Three new models and ratings are now available: 12 volt- 35 amp, 24 volt -20 amp, and 48 volt- 5 amp. These all-in-one DC UPS are ideal for primary and back up power in pole mount camera enclosures, security systems, DAS and SCADA applications. Their high temperature rating and temperature compensated charging features are designed for operation in hostile environment conditions encoun- tered in outdoor deployments. Ease of installation by din rail mounting is appreciated by installers/integrators. Visit www.tessco.com/go/newmar. TESSCO No. 557265 12 Volt DC 35A DIN Rail Power System List: $750.00 TESSCO No. 582743 24 Volt DC 20A DIN Rail Power System List: $750.00 TESSCO No. 513929 12 Volt DC 10A DIN Rail Power System List: $485.00 TESSCO No. 516011 24 Volt DC 10A DIN Rail Power System List: $525.00 TESSCO No. 566053 48 Volt DC 10A DIN Rail Power System List: $750.00 Newmar DC UPS now available in 12 v 35 amp, 24 volt 20 amp, and 48 volt 5 amp Deploying Seamless Wi-Fi in Industrial Environments Learn about innovative RF and mounting solutions, and best practices for deploying seamless Wi-Fi coverage in warehouse and industrial environments with industry-leader Ventev. https://www.tessco.com/go/ventev-webinar-0416 On Demand Webinar From Ventev INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS TESSCO offers all government customers the products, service and support to meet all of your wireless needs. www.tessco.com/go/gsa

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