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JULY AUGUST 2016 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 2 FEATURED SOLUTIONS (continued from page 1) Four Steps to Simplifying Your Leased Line Migration Making the Trusted Difference In Our Customers' Success For decades TESSCO has earned the trust of our customers with our industry- leading products, our extensive knowledge, and our wide range of services that all add up to the best total solution. We are dedicated to providing more than is expected and going above and beyond the norm to always set the standard for service in the wireless industry. What does this mean for you, our customer? It means that with our relationships with more than 400 leading manufacturers, selected specifically because they represent the best technology available anywhere, you will have the optimal solution for your needs. It means that we are a partner in your success-pro- viding whatever additional support you need to com- plete your project. Solution architecture, planning and logistics, kitting and configuration, financing, training and certification, and marketing services make TESSCO your source for solving whatever challenge you face. Most importantly, it means that our people are your people. We have sales teams dedicated to your specific industry so that we can better understand and respond to the challenges you face. Our technical support and solution design teams have real world experience implementing the same types of projects that you have. Whether for returns or warranty support, delivery or service customization, or the knowledge and flexibility to solve a specific problem efficiently and effectively, we are committed to delivering a greater value to our customers beyond price and product breadth. We are continuing to optimize your customer experience to align with how you do business, from our website to our dedicated account teams, so interacting with TESSCO is simple and pain-free no matter the outlet. TESSCO makes the trusted difference in our customers' success. Through the power of a single source for products, services, solutions, programs, and expertise, and a dedication to excellence in execution, we are your total source and the best total solution for your business. Streamlined E-Rate Filing and Access to Special Pricing If you're applying for E-Rate funding or supporting an educational institution who is, TESSCO can make every your project filing simple and seamless with our combination of access, expertise, and services. To learn more about TESSCO's options for educational institutions go to www.tessco.com/markets/education or call 866.817.5368 1) TESSCO holds SPIN Number #143047990 so you get special e-rate pricing on the products you need. 2) We're experienced with educational procurement, so our team will help ensure your filings are done properly and you get the funding you need. 3) Our team can help you design a solution, choose the appropriate products, and identify the right partners to implement. Plus, we can help you secure additional funding, train you on using your new equipment, provide post-sale warranty support, and more to ensure the success of your project. 4. Demand deployment-ready shipments. Pre-installation preparation can be time consuming and the labor costs can add expo- nentially to the total cost of your migration. Partnering with supply chain experts who can gather and kit your materials in the most efficient way and even do some preparation by cutting wires and assembling site-specific kits will ensure your installation can hit the ground running. Now is the perfect time to consider replacing your leased lines and taking control of your own infrastructure. By keeping these four steps in mind, and partnering with TESSCO to identify the best total solution for your needs, you can ensure a successful, efficient migration. Call us at 800.472.7373 to learn more about how we can work for you. in materials ranging from Kevlar for high temperatures to aluminum, nylon, and polyester, and a full range of lanyards, lifelines, carabiners, and carry bags complete the outfit. TESSCO can identify the ideal safety solution for a specific tower type or climbing environment and select the right equipment for maximum preparedness. The right equipment is only useful with the right training and certifications. OSHA has established standards to protect workers so staying up-to-date with certifications is crucial. TESSCO offers training courses via TESSCO University that fulfill the requirements for OSHA certifications, as well as other courses by the Communications Industry Training & Certification Academy at the authorized climber level and the tower rescue and competent climber level. Developing technology will likely make the need to climb towers rarer in the future, but when there aren't any alter- natives, it's important to take the necessary precautions and preparations for a safe climb. With the right combination of safety equipment, knowledge, training, and certifications, the journey to the top of a tower can be made without incident. (continued from page 1) Safety Essentials for Tower Maintenance " We are continuing to optimize your customer experience to align with how you do business..."

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