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wirelessjournal.tessco.com 8 Power Monitoring and Control of Your Communications Site Keeping your communications network up and running is critical to your business. Two key factors are a reliable power source and real time monitoring and control. The HE1U- BBLVD- MU Series from DuraComm provides confidence that your site is fully operational, secure, and the entire power system, including batteries, is in peak condition. The DuraComm1500 Watt HE1U-BBLVD-MU Series provides very high- power density coupled with integrated battery backup and battery low- voltage disconnect available in 12, 24 and 48VDC. The HE1U-BBLVD-MU provides the means to connect your battery bank, charger, and commun- ications device for seamless power and back up operation. These units are also equipped with ethernet connected monitoring, control, and notification of alarm conditions. This provides you real time information of the tempera- ture, AC input voltage, DC output voltage and current, battery voltage and current and DC Ok alarm for the power supply module. Also this provides you a dry contact input to monitor external equipment and a digital output to control an external relay. All of these functions allow you to manage and control the state of your communications site and alert you to a problem before your customers do. Visit www.tessco.com/go/duracomm. Power Supply, Heavy Duty AC to DC 1500 Watt TESSCO No. 583690 List: $1,375.00 Power Supply, Heavy Duty AC to DC 1500 Watt TESSCO No. 551309 List: $1,375.00 Power Supply, Heavy Duty AC to DC 1500 Watt TESSCO No. 593691 List: $1,375.00 Heavy Duty Power Supply Managed Ethernet Switch Keeps Network Humming at Lower Cost Across multiple industries, operational devices and equipment are increasingly being connected via Ethernet to larger networks including the Internet. Moxa's EDS-405A managed Ethernet switch offers one of the most cost-effective and easy-to-use ways to help minimize network downtime and prevent dis- ruption to your operations. The EDS-405A provides a comprehensive set of network management functions for bandwidth man- agement, redundancy, VLANs, and security over each of its five 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports. Moxa has also included the following functionality, software, and support specifically to maximize network reliability and facilitate management for engineers and operators: Fast network self-healing with Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain Built-in PROFINET & EtherNet/IP support for network monitoring over SCADA systems Intuitive browser-based control interface & command-line support Lifetime access to support materials, firmware upgrades, & phone support Free use of Moxa's powerful & user-friendly network management suite & mobile app 100% burn-in testing to minimize failure rates in the field This combination of features makes the EDS-405A a very attractive option to maximize performance and reliability of your operational network, with much lower overall cost and effort. Visit www.tessco.com/go/moxa. Entry Level Industrial Managed Ethernet Switch TESSCO No. 532250 List: $399.00 Entry Level Industrial Managed Ethernet Switch See how Ventev's Freezer Enclosure protects delicate access points from cold, condensation, frost, wash-downs, and accidents. Available for Cisco, Aruba, Meru, or Motorola access points, the plug and play system installs with a single PoE line, no AC power or outlet needed. Freezer Enclosure Protects & Secures Wi-Fi Access Points www.tessco.com/go/ventev FEATURED KNOWLEDGE CONTENT Industrial 4G LTE Starter Guide There is a lot of interest in using 4G LTE to connect industrial devices and sensors to the internet, but many users have faced challenges with industrial protocols, data plan overages, private IP addresses, and more. This E-book covers the fundamentals of industrial 4G LTE connectivity and offers examples and tips for successful deployments. www.tessco.com/go/moxa

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