Tessco Wireless Journal January February 2017 Page 7 TESSCO Wireless Journal January/February 2017

wirelessjournal.tessco.com 7 Train travel relies greatly on wireless networks for Positive Train Control to ensure safe navigation. In order to ensure maximum safety and avoid potential disasters, PTC requires regular testing and oversight. Freedom Communications recently added PTC to their R8000 and R8100 testing platform, providing the added functionality with an upgrade to the software widely used for multipurpose two-way testing for handsets and base stations in the rail industry. That means seamless integration with- out the need for any new hardware or training. Freedom's platform tests for weak signals, interference, and other issues that could under- mine PTC's ability to monitor and protect the train. Measurements include power in RMS and PEP, frequency error, error vector magnitude, IQ imbalance, phase error, magnitude error, and more. Because it is portable, the hardware used with the platform lets technicians check specific sections of track where a possible issue has been identified and it can even pinpoint the location of the issue, identify the best solution, and confirm it has been resolved. Freedom's R8000 and R8100 platforms are the first full-featured options on the market to include PTC, and because PTC is merely a software add-on it is a cost-effective solution. The familiarity of the system to technicians also means there is no added cost for training. For railroads not already using the R8000 or R8100 platform, it is similar to other platforms which makes for a smooth transition and can deliver complete testing, including PTC, from a single unit, making it an ideal choice for equipment upgrades. TESSCO can deliver complete PTC capabilities, whether you need a full system or just the software update to your existing platform. In fact, Freedom actually introduced their PTC component specifically based on a need presented to them by TESSCO. Freedom's platform tests for weak signals, interference, and other issues that could undermine PTC's ability to monitor and protect the train." Freedom Communications Adds PTC to Test Platform Submitted by TESSCO Technologies To learn more about PTC and Freedom Communication's platform, contact the TESSCO team at 800.472.7373 or cs@tessco.com.

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