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wirelessjournal.tessco.com 6 When Mission-Critical Communications Matter Most First responders need consistent, reliable in-building radio communi- cations. Comba's CriticalPoint BDA (Bi-directional amplifier) offers the latest technology to meet the needs of today's emergency personnel and to exceed the strict requirements of the International Fire Code (IFC) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to provide the most reliable public safety BDA product on the market. The CriticalPoint Digital, Class A BDA boasts a comprehensive set of features that guarantees current code compliance as well as future proofing it for, if and when, new code changes are implemented. It is designed with the ability to support a single or dual band-700MHz and/or 800MHz configuration. Upgrading to a dual band is as simple as installing the license via an easy-to-use web-based GUI. Also included are four (4) dry alarming contacts, two (2) more than are currently required by the NFPA. Additional features include 32 channels per band, a full 2W of output power per band, channelized uplink ACG, channelized uplink squelch and a fully NFPA NEMA 4X enclosure to protect it from water and harsh environments. This combination of features, along with its low total cost of ownership (TCO), sets it apart and makes the CriticalPoint BDA a very attractive option to ensure that first responders have the necessary communication needs when lives and property matter. Visit www.tessco.com/manufacturers/comba. Class A Repeater, 32 Channel, 700 MHz TESSCO No. 586599 List: $9,300.00 Class A Repeater, 32 Channel, 800 MHz TESSCO No. 596599 List: $9,300.00 Class A Repeater PST-3000-12 Power Inverter Ideal for Harsh Environments Samlex's PST-3000-12 is built for the toughest conditions providing reliable clean pure sine power from your battery. This high effi- ciency pure sine inverter converts 12 Volts DC to 3000 Watts of 120V AC power. Having a wide DC Input of 10.7-16.5 VDC and tem- perature range of -4F to 104F, allows for continuous usage in the harshest of environments. The PST's commercial grade design is suitable for heavy duty loads and long periods of continuous operation, ideal for back-up systems and service vehicle fleets. The PST-3000 has 2x surge and is safety certified to UL & CSA standards, while the FCC compliance ensures low interference and low distortion. Also available in a 24VDC model, the PST-3000 Watt inverters deliver AC power from the dual NEMA-20R GFCI outlets on the front panel and are also certified to be hard wired. All the PST series inverters have a two year warranty backed by the best customer service in the industry. Visit www.tessco.com/go/samlex. DC to AC Power Inverter, 3000W Continuous, 6000W Surge Output Power TESSCO No. 580837 List: $1,231.20 PST-3000-12 Power Inverter tesscotalk.com Life Critical Communications Every moment counts in an emergency. Combas Don Henry explains how the right in-building DAS system can ensure a stable line of communication for irst responders. podcast NFPA Compliant Back Up Power Can Be Customized for Local AHJ Requirements Newmar's new NFPA-compliant battery backup enclosures for public safety DAS include power supply/charger, alarm outputs, and batteries. Multiple models let you choose the right voltage and capacity and are prewired internally, with external power and alarm wiring provided. They are Red NEMA 4x and IP65 rated and can be customized for local AHJ requirements. Visit www.tessco.com/go/newmar. DAS Battery Backup, PE-48-480W-55AH NPFA Public Safety Compliant, 48 VDC, 480 DC UPS Power Watts, 55 Amp-Hours, Max Load 24 Hour Backup TESSCO No. 597118 List: $6,000.00 DAS Battery Backup, 24-240W-100AH NPFA Public Safety Compliant, 24 VDC, 240 DC UPS Power Watts, 100 Amp-Hours, Max Load 24 Hour Backup TESSCO No. 561697 List: $4,768.00

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