Tessco Wireless Journal January February 2017 Page 5 TESSCO Wireless Journal January/February 2017

wirelessjournal.tessco.com 5 To identify the right package of mobile workforce solutions for your fleet or to learn more, contact the TESSCO team at 800.472.7373 or cs@tessco.com. When the engine starts, everything connected is powered up, and when the engine is turned off equipment remains on for a period of time before automatically turning off. This gives you the peace of mind that an employee won't leave equipment on and drain a battery and it lets your mobile workers focus on the task at hand and not remembering every piece of equipment they need to power up. The ChargeGuard can also offer diagnostics that can help workers identify any power issues in the field and potentially fix them without having to lose valuable work time. By having durable protection and in-vehicle mounts for every device a mobile worker may use, and power solutions that ensure your fleet stays on the road, you'll allow your employees to remain connected and engaged anywhere and keep them safely focused on the road. You'll also avoid potential fines for using devices while driving. Bluetooth headsets or kits are another add-on that will further improve your access to your mobile workers and their safety. " All this equipment also means extra demands for power from vehicles and the increased risk of a drained battery, an obstacle that can easily derail a workday. " Gamber-Johnson TabCruzer for Pan Toughpad Vehicle Docking Station TESSCO No. 590413

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