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wirelessjournal.tessco.com 4 A well-functioning mobile workforce can be the deciding factor in your success, and setting up your fleet with the right equipment for efficiency and safety is crucial to making them an asset to your operations. The advancement of wireless technology has made a mobile workforce an easier addition, and for industries like public safety, utilities, and defense that were always mobile, it has streamlined their equipment and enhanced their abilities. In order to capitalize on these advancements, every vehicle in a fleet needs critical accessories that protect employees and equipment and lets workers get the most from their mobile devices while working on the road and abiding laws. Ruggedized mounts allow mobile workers to keep their computers close at hand while on the road. For some users, like police officers, this is critical to quick access to necessary information. For others, it provides a place to transport a device safely and eliminates the need to unload and set up each time they need to access their computer at a new job site. Products from brands like Havis, Gamber-Johnson, and RAM Mounts combine accessibility and durability and are available for a full range of vehicles. In addition to laptops, tablets require an additional set of accessories. Because tablets need to be usable inside and outside the vehicle, mounts that easily release the device are crucial, as are ruggedized cases that let a user carry a device without fear of dropping it or otherwise damaging it on the job. Of course, smartphones are also ubiquitous overall today and so workers can opt for extra durable cases designed to withstand the wear and tear of the worksite for their personal and work devices. All this equipment also means extra demands for power from vehicles and the increased risk of a drained battery, an obstacle that can easily derail a workday. A device like the ChargeGuard from Havis is an easy to install auto shut-off timer for all the equipment connected to a vehicle. Outfitting Your Fleet for Safety & Efficiency Havis ChargeGuard Ignition Sensing Timer Switch TESSCO No. 315672 Submitted by TESSCO Technologies RAM Mounts Reverse Configuration POD HD Vehicle Mount TESSCO No. 505672

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