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wirelessjournal.tessco.com 19 Mounts and brackets are a small, often overlooked detail that can create huge implications for a project. Using the right product can be the difference between making or breaking a project's budget and deadline, especially when dealing with mass deployments of new infrastructure. TESSCO's recently addressed this challenge as it pertains to AMI deployments. The resulting products started off as custom mounts and brackets, but have since become the go to" solution favored by key utility providers. In the first case study, a major mid-Atlantic utility company tasked TESSCO with modifying an existing bracket for their Silver Spring AMI radios. Although a standard saddle bracket was included with the purchase of each radio, the utility company needed a more flexible solution, one that could accommodate the radio, as well as the integrated enclosure with battery backup, and antenna, and do so in a variety of environments. TESSCO's Ventev engineering group responded to the challenge by developing a new, dual articulating universal saddle bracket that worked on a variety of pole types. Thousands of these customized brackets were subsequently deployed as a critical part of the customer's smart grid network. After the initial deployment, the customer returned to TESSCO and Ventev to design a compact version of the same bracket based on the adaptability, ease of installation, and total cost savings provided by the original mounting solution. In a separate instance, another public utility company challenged TESSCO to find a universal mount capable of working with their preferred radio bracket. By leveraging the utility's experiences from previous AMI deployments and collaborating with Ventev's engineering team, TESSCO developed a universal extension mount that worked on wood poles, steel poles, and pipes, with mounting hardware included for all three applications. Offering the utility a single, truly universal option not only simplified the customer's ordering and budgeting process; it also ensured their technicians had the necessary equipment for any type of installation, improving efficiency and minimizing delays in deployment. By partnering with our customers and Ventev to engineer new products, TESSCO is able to deliver custom solutions that are perfectly matched to your specific needs. It's just one of the ways we are committed to going above and beyond for our customers, and empowering them with ways to bring innovative technology to their business To learn more about TESSCO's bracket and mount solutions, and how we can deliver a custom solution if you can't find one among our assortment, contact your Development Executive, call us at 800.472.7373, or email us at cs@tessco.com. Streamlining Deployments With Custom Mounting Solutions Submitted by Katie Johnson, TESSCO Technologies Ventev Radio Saddle Bracket Kit TESSCO No. 567796

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