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wirelessjournal.tessco.com 16 Rack Mounted Consumer Booster Kit Improve Cell Phone Coverage in Large Buildings With Signal Booster System The WilsonPro 4000 Commercial Cell Signal Booster is a professional- grade amplifier that provides expanded cell phone coverage in large buildings and commercial spaces of 100,000 square feet or more. Ideal for installation in hospitals, hotels, warehouses, offices and other large buildings, the WilsonPro 4000 amplifies weak cell signals and redistributes them to provide reliable voice and data coverage- including 4G LTE. The 4000's unique design incorporates four independent signal amplifiers in a single wall-mounted or rack mounted configuration. Each of the four boosters feeds amplified cell signal to one or more distribution antennas placed throughout the building. The antenna(s) broadcasts the amplified signal to inside spaces where cell tower signals normally may not penetrate exterior walls constructed of concrete, steel and other common materials. The four signal distribution ports of the WilsonPro 4000 are outfitted with onboard software that allows each to operate at maximum signal output independently of the others. Unlike competing commercial cell boosters, WilsonPro's dynamic gain adjustment software constantly monitors local signal conditions and automatically raises or lowers gain as needed. The WilsonPro 4000 also features XDR (Extra Dynamic Range) technology that prevents overpower conditions which, per FCC regulations, force a booster to reduce power or even shut down. When the WilsonPro 4000 senses that any incoming signal is too strong and threatens to overpower an amplifier, XDR automatically reduces signal gain to compensate for this overpower condition while maintaining signal coverage throughout the building. XDR and dynamic gain adjustment are state-of-the-art features that virtually eliminate the need for time-consuming technician visits to a client site to adjust or restart a booster that has shut down itself down due to oscillation or overload conditions. Wilson Electronics quality and an industry-leading three-year warranty make the WilsonPro 4000 a clear choice for professional technology integrators whose customers need improved cell coverage in large buildings. Visit www.tessco.com/go/wilsonpro. Rack Mounted Consumer Booster Kit, 4000R, 5 Band TESSCO No. 583905 List: $9,999.99 Learn the differences between DAS and cell phone signal boosters, where each is appropriate, how boosters are deployed, the latest innovations in the booster industry, and recent changes in retail and in-building public safety codes that are driving large growth in this market. Cell Phone Signal Boosters: A Cost-Effective Option for In-Building Wireless Coverage WilsonPro Webinar www.tessco.com/knowledge-center/webinars/tessco-webinars Smaller is Better for Sector Antennas Wireless Communications grow more per- vasive every year. Data hungry applications demand higher throughput as well as stronger radio link capacity. Infrastructure upgrades to support higher radio links typically involve new equipment including antennas. Many commu- nities are requiring networks to find a balance between bandwidth expansion and preserving the aesthetic character of their communities. This means limitations are being placed on the type, size and quantity of equipment to be installed in public view. Managing the overall cost and quality of installing new links and upgrading existing links while maintaining an aesthetically acceptable design presents a formidable challenge to network operators. RadioWaves Slimline Sectors directly addresses size and reliability while offering excellent RF performance in an unobtrusive form factor. At less than 6" wide, it's narrower than many standard light poles and can be deployed without adding unsightly visual distractions like those cre- ated by common sector and canister antennas that are often 12-24" high and up to 12" wide. RadioWaves has recently added the SECD-3.5SL-60-10 to its portfolio. With a 60 degree beam width and 10 dB of gain, this dual pol antenna is ideal for dense deployments where small size and radio performance are essential. RadioWaves Slimline Sectors are made in the USA, are fully assembled at the factory and come with a standard 7 year warranty. Visit www.tessco.com/go/radiowaves. 3.5 GHz Dual Pol Slimline Sector, 10 dB Gain, 60 Degree TESSCO No. 562719 List: $479.00 Slimline Sector

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