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wirelessjournal.tessco.com 12 Streamline RF Testing and Optimization for Fiber to the Antenna Cell-Site Enhancements to 4G LTE networks, such as carrier aggregation and higher MIMO configuration, are essential for mobile network operators to increase peak user data rates and overall network capacity. But they are also adding to the complexity of troubleshooting and maintenance. Viavi has been working with service providers and vendors to ensure that as technology evolves and network management becomes more complex, solutions continue to simplify RAN troubleshooting and maintenance. With the newest enhancements to CellAdvisor, Viavi improves RFoCPRI testing so technicians can more easily validate and rectify performance issues. The latest CellAdvisor enhancements include RFoCPRI IQ data block status to help technicians quickly configure RFoCPRI tests while allowing them to accurately set radio configurations of different line rates, channel bandwidths, and antenna configurations (MIMO). Signal analysis provides additional information regarding the signal under test, including channel bandwidth and center frequency, enabling ability to confidently conduct multi-carrier radios tests. Radio profile database virtually eliminates the need for configuration by allowing selection from a large list of pre-configured CPRI mappings for different radios from different vendors. Spectrum performs measurements significantly faster, detecting fast, intermittent interfering signals, especially in cases where high sensitivity is required, improving measurement speeds up to 100x. Quad-spectrum allows display of up to four active spectrum measurements on a single screen, enabling quick identifation of any diversity imbalance issues in MIMO radios with four receivers. Also provides ability to overlay measurements in the same spectrum scale, making diversity imbalance measurements accurate and easy. Multi-carrier signal generator enhances the BBU emulation feature by enabling CellAdvisor to generate different signal LTE formats to test radios supporting carrier aggregation, or radios in a daisy-chain, also allowing the CellAdvisor to perform a two-tone PIM Analysis. CellAdvisor with enhanced RFoCPRI technology effectively reduces maintenance costs and risks to the technician, while providing increased efficiency and productivity by virtually eliminating tower climbs. Visit www.tessco.com/go/viavisolutions. Base Station Analyzer, JD785B TESSCO No. 590165 List: $25,345.00 Base Station Analyzer, JD745B TESSCO No. 549821 List: $14,250.00 Base Station Analyzer Portable Diagnostic RET Controller Remote Tilt Adjustment? Now There's an App for That The smartphones that are driving the growth of your wireless business can now help you optimize your cell tower antennas to provide the superior network performance your subscribers demand. CommScope's new RET Master is a revolutionary new portable diagnostic Remote Electrical Tilt controller that is transforming how installation crews work on cell sites. It combines all RET capabilities into one powerful unit allowing techs to fully control and configure CommScope AISG devices and control other vendors' AISG devices from a smartphone or tablet. (IOT may be required for some vendors.) Say goodbye to laptops and cables. Once it's connected to the tower, the CommScope RET Master serves as a Wi-Fi hot spot, allowing techs to use a free, user-friendly smartphone app to wirelessly connect and control the unit from virtually anywhere-eliminating the need for a laptop and cables. While the RET Master is still connected by RET cable to the AISG bus, crews can control it with a smart device from a location that may be more convenient, more comfortable or better protected from the weather. Powered by strong battery packs for long-lasting duty on a cell site without the need to recharge during the day, the RET Master also enables crews to diagnose RET systems with pre-defined and easy to use tests, and generates reports on site configurations and proof of work in a standardized PDF format that can be emailed to the office and attached to job close-out packages. The CommScope RET Master app for iOS and Android devices is now available free of charge at the iTunes app store. Visit www.tessco.com/go/commscope. Portable Diagnostic RET Controller, Battery Powered, Control via Wi-Fi Connection TESSCO No. 537490 List: $1,350.00 Aluma Tower delivers durable, innovative antenna tower solutions, including free standing towers, vehicle mounted units, self-supporting tower systems, and military-grade packages. TESSCO will offer Aluma's telescoping aluminum towers on trailers in heights from 35 feet to 100 feet, as well as guyed and unguyed telescoping towers and mounts in a wide range of sizes. Aluma NEW TESSCO PARTNER WELCOME www.tessco.com/manufacturers/aluma

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