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wirelessjournal.tessco.com 10 Times-Protect Data Line Surge Protectors Offering an unmatched level of data integrity and over-voltage protection, the LP-DOE-1G, LP-POE-1G and LP-PAE-100 Data Line surge protection devices from Times Microwave Systems are the newest additions to the Times-Protect product family. Proprietary circuitry results in surge let-through voltage on data lines of less than 20V peak at 3kA 8x20uS surge test current and less than 10V peak at 100A 10x1000uS surge test current, while complying with extended RFC2544 test methods for data integrity. These extremely difficult tests are conducted on two protection devices separated by 100 meters of Cat 5e cable over a broad temperature range measuring throughput, latency, packet jitter, frame loss and back-to-back. Visit www.tessco.com/go/times. Surge Protector, 1000 Base-T PowerOver Ethernet TESSCO No. 582661 List: $193.00 Surge Protector, 1000 Base-T Ethernet Data TESSCO No. 582660 List: $152.00 Surge Protector, 100 Base-T Power & Ethernet TESSCO No. 582662 List: $152.00 Join TESSCO and Ventev for this 30-minute webinar on Ventev's newest solutions for deploying high-performance Wi-Fi without disrupting environmental aesthetics. Learn about Ventev's Outdoor Lighting Wi-Fi Antennas, which enable concealed coverage and capacity in applications where high-performance connectivity and aesthetics are essential, like smart cities, theme parks, resorts, campuses, historic areas, retail parking lots, and more. Solutions for Deploying Wi-Fi in Outdoor Lighting Infrastructure Ventev Webinar www.tessco.com/knowledge-center/webinars/tessco-webinars Drones Driving Action When people think of drones, they think observation, a passive activity. However, in the tower inspection industry, drone data is anything but passive. Drone data is what drives action, improves safety, helps make decisions, and provides users with year-over-year comparisons. Sentera launched the game-changing Omni Inspection Drone, with double 4K sensor, which puts omnidirectional viewing capabilities right in the hands of the user. This is big. This is important. This matters because not every data-collection point is straight ahead or down. Crystal clear, 12MP data needs to be collected from under structures and obscure angles. The Omni not only handles the job but surpasses expectations. The Omni is perfect for tower and bridge inspections, survey and mapping activities, and agriculture applications. Manage the Omni's hyper-precise data capture with Sentera's OnTop Data Management Platform. Users quickly discover that with the right data management software in place, drone technology can not only expedite inspections but provide users with key information to drive action, avoid costly or time-consuming fixes, and even help generate revenue. Pairing the Omni Inspection Drone with OnTop software provides users with action-driving data at their fingertips. Visit www.tessco.com/go/sentera. Omni Inspection Drone Coming Soon Omni Inspection Drone

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