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February/March 2015 7 See TESSCO's entire product offering and your pricing on TESSCO.com or call TESSCO at 800.472.7373. www.tessco.com/go/twj INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS Digital Dehydrator for Microwave Antenna Systems Pressurization Simplifies Configuration, Enables Flexibility in the Field Radio Frequency Systems' (RFS) APD-D Series Automatic Pressurization Dehydrator provides reliable pressurization of elliptical waveguide, coaxial cable and rigid transmission line systems-and the new digital design enables easy on-site configuration of options such as humidity, high pressure, run time and system purge. The APD-D Dehydrator includes a self-contained, automated air drying system that utilizes a pres- sure swing adsorption cycle to provide pressurized dry air while continuously purging the collected moisture. It can be retrofitted into any existing RFS dehydrator installation, easily integrating with existing microwave antenna system equipment. It supports easy option upgrades with no system downtime required. Alarms can be cost-effec- tively added and configured based on customer requirements, even for systems that operate at pressures as low as 1psi. APD-D is available in multiple Standard System Capacity and Large System Capacity models. Visit www.tessco.com/go/rfs. TESSCO No. 509406 Automatic Dehydrator With LP Alarm List: $2,716.05 NEW! Online Editions Spend most of your life online? TESSCO's print publications are online too- always available, always interactive to give you fast answers wherever you are. Like a product you see? Click the TESSCO Number for complete specs. Click again to put the item on your worksheet for easy ordering. See what TESSCO's interactive publications can do for you. www.tessco.com/go/pubs The Wireless Journal a publication of TESSCO Technologies, is published bi-monthly. CRAIG OLDHAM Vice President, Strategic Marketing TYLER MEWHIRTER Integrated Marketing & Campaign Manager RUSS BRADLEE Integrated Marketing & Campaign Sales Manager ELIZABETH MASSANOPOLI Graphic Designer

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