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NetCam HD+ Wi-Fi Camera With Glass Lens & Night Vision Belkin TESSCO No. 515900 Featured Connected Home Products Proximo Key FOB Bluetooth Tracker for iOS/Android Kensington TESSCO No. 500755 WeMo Insight Switch Belkin TESSCO No. 568622 PLAYBULB Bluetooth Smart LED Speaker Light MIPOW TESSCO No. 543740 WeMo LED Lighting Starter Set Belkin TESSCO No. 522491 ZAGGkeys Universal Wireless Keyboard ZAGG TESSCO No. 567096 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 6 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. February/March 2015 At this year's TESSCO ONE Innovation Showcase in Dallas, there was a lot of buzz around connected homes and the increase in consumer adoption. Internet of Things (IoT), a term that's become increasingly popu- lar over the past several years, is used to describe the concept of everyday objects capable of connecting to the Internet. The connections are made using em- bedded sensors that identify and communicate with other objects. We're seeing IoT come to life firsthand with smart devices that make consumers' lives easier by making their homes and lives work more efficiently based on data and daily habits. According to the latest Business Insider- BI Intelligence report "The Pulse of Digital," connected-home device sales will drive over $61 billion in revenue this year. That number is expected to climb at a 52 percent compound annual growth rate to reach $490 billion in 2019. "Connected-home devices tie activities of a consumer's daily life at home into the cloud. A connected home provides control (as does standard home automa- tion), but it also captures data to help improve efficiency and productivity and effectively lever- ages the power of the cloud," says Steve Tomey, Category Manager at TESSCO. The current adoption of smart home energy devices (thermostats, lights, outlets) will lead the market to adopt other smart devices such as smart home security (locks, cameras, garages), smart appliances (refrigerators, ovens, crockpots) and smart entertainment (TVs, receivers, speakers). Over the next five years, device shipments are expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 67 percent, which is much faster than smartphone or tablet device growth, and hit 1.8 billion units shipped by 2019, according to BI Intelligence estimates. Category experts at TESSCO attribute the market trend of adopting smart connected home devices to several key drivers: producing connected home devices that have the ability to be remotely controlled, and capture and relay information in real time to gain efficiency and save en- ergy, all designed in a simple, consumer-friendly way. entry. The price difference between "smart" devices and their "dumb" counterparts is becoming too small for con- sumers to ignore the benefits. ing smart technology and helping to drive awareness and adoption. to capture data, make better recommendations and provide manufacturers insight into how products are used. Customer behavior has changed over the past few years. Customers want, and increasingly expect intelligent products that adapt to their lifestyle. This demand presents a growth opportunity for wireless dealers and retailers. Consumers don't quite under- stand how it all works. But they want it. And there's opportunity for retailers to step in, fill that knowledge gap for them, and be seen as trusted advisors who can bundle the right solutions based on their needs. Connected Home Market Trending Upwards Submitted by TESSCO Technologies To find out more about the connected home, visit www.tessco.com.

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