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February/March 2015 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 20 INSTALLATION, TEST & MAINTENANCE Gator ES32L11 Takes the Effort Out of Cutting Cables The Greenlee Gator ES32L11 Battery-Powered Cable Cutter is designed to make cable cutting easier and quicker for all your day- to-day maintenance and repair operations. Powered by a state of the art 18V lithium ion battery, the Gator cuts through cables up to 500 kcmil copper or aluminum in a matter of minutes. The Gator ES32L11 is an in-line tool style that is lightweight and very easy to control. One trigger controls all tool functions. Over-molded tacky grip areas make gripping the tool easier and more comfortable. The cutting head rotates 350 degrees. The small size, weighing in at only 4.4 lbs., makes the Gator an excellent tool for use inside panel boxes. The Gator automatically retracts when the cutting cycle is complete. Additionally, the LED light source provides the operator with the battery charge and tool main- tenance status. An LED work light illuminates dark work areas. The Gator ES32L11 uses a state- of-art 18V lithium battery, which provides 70 percent more cycles per charge and faster cycle times. The smart, 120-volt charger controls the charging current, charging voltage and battery temperature to maxi- mum life. Other power options are available. Visit www.tessco.com/go/greenlee. TESSCO No. 329447 Gator Battery-Powered Cable Cutter With 18V Battery, Case & 120V AC Charger List: $1,745.57 Gator Battery-Powered Cable Cutter Wireless Weatherproofing Provides Seal from Environment 3M Wireless Weatherproofing Kits WK-100 and WK-101 create a reli- able weatherproof seal for cable-to- cable and cable-to-device connec- tions. 3M Wireless Weatherproofing Kit WK-100 may be used for general-use applications, while the Scotch Wireless Weatherproofing Kit WK-101 may be used for cold- weather applications and as an en- vironmental seal (e.g. moisture and debris) for connections at wireless infrastructure sites. The tapes also help prevent the loosening of con- nections caused by vibration. The Self-Fusing Butyl Mastic Tape and Vinyl Tapes supplied in each kit create a weatherproof seal with ex- cellent resistance to environmental factors such as water, condensa- tion, UV and sunlight over a range of temperatures. Each kit provides a flexible weatherproofing solution for a wide variety of cable sizes and device configurations. The WK-100 Kit includes six rolls of 3M Butyl Mastic Tape 2212 (2.5" x 24"), two rolls of 3M Temflex General Use Vinyl Electrical Tape (3/4" x 60'), and one roll of Scotch Vinyl Electrical Tape 700 (2" x 20'). The WK-101 Kit includes six rolls of 3M Butyl Mastic Tape 2212 (2.5" x 24"), two rolls of Scotch Super 33+ Vinyl Electrical Tape (3/4" x 66'), and one roll of Scotch Super 33+ Vinyl Electrical Tape (2" x 20'). Visit www.tessco.com/go/3m. TESSCO No. 308937 Weatherproofing Kit WK-100 List: $27.25 TESSCO No. 368284 Weatherproofing Kit WK-101 List: $38.20 Weatherproofing Kit WK-100 Learn about cable & antenna analysis and more with our app note series at www.keysight.com/find/FF_Combo Dark, rainy, windy, dusty, slippery, flaring, scorching. It's all in a day's work. For you, the unpredictable is the everyday. But there's one thing you can always depend on: the Keysight FieldFox combination analyzer. At a compact kit-friendly 6.6 lbs., it's three instruments in one: cable & antenna analyzer (CAT) + vector network analyzer (VNA) + spectrum analyzer. Which means now the power to anticipate any need fits right in the palm of your hand. FieldFox Combination Analyzers Four models up to 26.5 GHz MIL-PRF-28800F Class 2 rugged Agrees with benchtop measurements CAT + VNA + spectrum analyzer US A: 800 829 4444 CAN: 877 894 4414 Keysight Technologies, Inc. 2014

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