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Remotely monitor backup batteries With Battery Remote Test Monitor Knowledge is Power! Critical power backup systems must be ready if commercial power fails. But how do you know if backup batteries are ready? Ventev offers first-to- market technology that remotely monitors backup battery health. The Battery Remote Test Monitor (BTRM): Offers peace-of-mind. By providing 24/7 test and monitor of backup battery capacity, users know that if power fails, the battery backup system will operate as expected Sends exception reports. Receive reports at your desk via SNMP, text or email using Ethernet or DNP3 Reduces costs. Replace batteries only if needed and reduce frequency of truck rolls to replace batteries The versatile BTRM can also remotely check component voltages, monitor a door alarm, activate a camera when an alarm occurs and monitor thermal conditions. Visit: ventev.com/BTRM or call 800.851.4965 p After you choose the radio, choose Ventev. To deploy, power and protect your essential equipment Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 2 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. February/March 2015 Site Power Monitor Reduces Copper Theft Going wireless is generally a good thing, except when it's the result of thieves breaking into your remote site and stealing the copper and fiber cables. This frequently occurring scenario happened to a gas pipeline operator who was experiencing a rash of wire losses at their remote pumping/monitor stations, rendering the site useless and causing extended down time and high expense to repair the system. The operator had already successfully deployed the Newmar SPM (Site Power Monitor) to report site power and other condi- tions via Ethernet and thought they would have a chance to catch the thieves if they could use the SPM to send an early warning signal that the site was being pillaged. The solution involved configuring the SPM auxiliary input contacts to connect to a form C sensor on the hut's door, which reported a door open alarm that was programmed through the SPM to send an email notification to the sheriff in the area. After adding this configuration to the SPM, results were almost immediate, reported door open alarms came from several locations, and sheriffs were able to catch the thieves in the act. The SPM provides web-based monitoring of multiple conditions: AC voltage (both main and backup), DC voltage, current, temperature, and, as in the example above, auxiliary inputs can be programmed for multiple sensors such as door open alarms, water leak detectors and IP cameras. Visit www.tessco.com/go/newmar for more information. TESSCO No. 394373 Site Power Monitor, 9 Inputs DC V (3 Ports), AC V (2 Ports), DC Current (1 Port), Dry Contact Switch Sensors (3 Ports), Includes Shunt. Next Generation: Towers and Mounts Submitted by TESSCO Technologies While the industry has been focused on mac- rocell sites for the last 20 years, it's only been within the past four years that we've actu- ally started to see things evolve around us. Customers expect to have consistent cellular coverage anytime, anywhere, and they're us- ing smartphones to do everything. This need will continue to rise as technology continues to evolve. The macro site strategy of yesterday left gaps in coverage that are no longer ac- ceptable. The networks of today and tomorrow must leverage increasingly creative mount- ing strategies to meet exceedingly stringent network coverage and capacity requirements. These networks need to be deployed quickly and efficiently. This was the crux of the presen- tation at the TESSCO ONE Innovation Showcase & Conference in Dallas, Texas in early February. As the industry reacts to user demands, there is continuous growth of small cells and macrocell tower expansion. Since small cells are close to consumers' daily lives, conceal- ment is a major concern. And when it comes to macrocell towers, extensive mounting and heavier towers can lead to safety issues. TESSCO and other experts in the industry revealed key products and solutions at the show that focused on efficiency, concealment, safety, rapid deployment and mobility. Network modernization doesn't have to be complex when there are solutions out there to optimize the job in front of you. Whatever your project may bring, there are ways to make it efficient. The Next Generation: Towers & Mounts session covered all types of solutions: Commscope allow you to use existing cell sector frames for expansion and cost savings. tions from Trylonaid in creating custom configurations and allow expand- ability for future build outs. efficiency at the sight and has a life expec- tancy of 10+ years. have the network closer to you without the tower. No one wants a traditional cell tow- er in their backyard. But we know consum- ers want constant access to video, voice and data communications, so we have to bring options closer to the customer. ing tower from Ventev and hinged ones from CommScope enable the towers to come down to you in minimal time and allow you to work on the equipment on the ground level. No need for a bucket truck or tower climber, saving cost and allowing you to reallocate resources. CommScope are used for high volume build outs with low installation times. These poles are typically 100 feet and can be climbable within an hour of installation. If you can't dig or need a semi-permanent site, there is a new ballast tower that can have you up and running without pen- etrating the ground. option if you want a network that can go wherever it is needed. Mobile Towers can be deployed faster and use less equip- ment, allowing large sporting/concert venues and even military units access to fast and secure wireless communications. Damon Carotenuto, Product Business Unit Leader at TESSCO Technologies, notes, "safety, efficiency and kitted solutions to allow for rapid deployment are important to TESSCO." Besides offering all the key brands and products in the market, TESSCO is able to create and ship out kitted solutions with the right materials to complete a site buildout with optimum efficiency. Even more, adds Carotenuto, "TESSCO is always adding new and innovative products that allow customers to be efficient, while utilizing a cost effective solution." To find out more, go to www.tessco.com. " Network modernization doesn't have to be complex when there are solutions out there to optimize the job in front of you."

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