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February/March 2015 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 14 INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS Larsen Part # Frequency (MHz) Cable Conn DASLTE500NF (TESSCO 501918) 698-960 1710-2170 2300-2700 4900-5900 19.7in. low loss, low-PIM, Plenum Rated cable N Female DASLTEDIN (TESSCO 514827) N/A 7 16 DIN Female DASLTENF (TESSCO 566913) N/A N Female DASLTE500NFMIMO (TESSCO 513075) 698-960 1710-2170 2300-2700 4900-5900 19.7in. low loss, low-PIM, Plenum cable (2X) N Female (2x) DAS500MDMIMO (TESSCO TBD) Dia. 01.60", low loss, low PIM, Plenuxm rated MINI DIN PIMinator Series Low PIM DAS Antennas Please visit www.TESSCO.com/go/larsen for more information Industry leading, -155 dBc certified low Passive InterModulation (PIM) Distributed Antenna System (DAS) in-building ceiling mount omni antennas. The Pulse Electronics line of DAS in-building low PIM omni antennas meets the most demanding PIM requirements for 2G, 3G, and LTE/4G bands. Concealed Internal Antenna System Not just another covert antenna, the Peel-and-Stick STI-CO Stinger is perfect for both undercover and marked law enforcement vehicles. It easily mounts inside the vehicle above the rear window of a car or the side window of a van or SUV- without drilling holes in the roof. Everything except a very thin dura- ble mast is hidden above the head- liner, making it difficult to spot from outside the vehicle. The Stinger is protected from harsh external forces like car washes or vandalism that result in the loss of communication. This unique antenna operates in the 7-800 bands or 7-800/PCS for two- way and mobile data applications. Visit www.tessco.com/go/stico. TESSCO No. 454562 Stinger Single Band; 7-800 MHz List: $82.00 TESSCO No. 422569 Stinger Dual Band; 7-800/PCS List: $94.00 Peel-and-Stick STI-CO Stinger Euro-Style Antennas with Flexible Whip The popular STI-CO Covert Euro- Style Antennas are now available with a flexi-whip mast! Because this style is roof mounted, standard met- al antenna masts sometimes break after hitting low overhead signs or partitions, leaving you with a radio that can't send or receive the signal. But the flexi-whip mast just bends over and springs right back! Styles are available in VHF single band or VHF/7-800 dual band. If requested, an AM/FM antenna may be included at no additional cost. When ordering, please provide the make, model and year of the vehicle. Visit www.tessco.com/go/stico. TESSCO No. 540304 Euro-Style Antenna With Flexi-Whip VHF List $422.00 TESSCO No. 519695 Euro-Style Antenna With Flexi-Whip VHF/7-800 Price: $474.00 STI-CO Covert Euro-Style Antenna Tablet Docking Stations Solve Mobility Concerns Havis Docking Stations for tablets are the ideal solution for all your computing needs. Designed with versatility in mind, Havis mounting options allow for docking and usage in almost any work environment. These docking stations offer computer charging, security and connection to peripherals in medi- cal, material handling, enterprise and in-vehicle workplaces. Tablet docking stations by Havis include compatible solutions spe- cifically for Panasonic, Dell, Getac, Apple iPad and Microsoft Surface. A universal tablet mount to accom- modate most 10-inch tablets is also available. Havis provides a wide range of computing and mounting solutions, including peripheral accessories, which are a perfect fit for any indi- vidual or agency using a vehicle as a mobile workstation. It offers the industry's most reliable platform for connecting peripherals to further improve productivity. A total mobility solution starts with a business problem that typi- cally requires several components to successfully resolve it: software, hardware, connectivity and integra- tion, docking and mounting, and professional installation. Havis knows that the overall goal of the mobile workforce is to increase productivity while decreasing overall costs and keeping workers safe. Maximize your productivity with Havis lightweight yet strong designs that are built with theft deterrence, longevity and stability in mind. Visit tessco.com/go/havis. TESSCO No. 579470 Toughbook Certified Docking for Panasonic Toughpad G1 Tablets List: $734.19 Tablet Docking Stations include compatible solutions for a variety of brand names. The tools & supplies you use every day... in stock & on sale. Shop now to take advantage of these special offers. Visit www.tessco.com/go/deals. -365-6283 WWW.SURECALL.COM CM200 - 48346 Milmont Drive, Fremont CA 94538 1-888-365-6283 Force5, Large Area, 5-Band Cellular Signal Booster Winner of Commercial Integrator's BEST Award, Force5's high quality and low price fits any large in-building project and includes an industry best, 3-year warranty. SureCall's Force5 has the power to improve the cellular reception in most buildings. Modular in design, additional Force5 boosters can be added to cover larger areas. Each Force5 offers: Coverage for 20-25,000 square feet FCC certified for use with all major U.S. carriers Triple Safeguards against tower interference Supports 100+ simultaneous users Coming Soon to a Building Near You! s y ove sters h carrie ence ers s www.tessco.com/go/surecall

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