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February/March 2015 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 12 INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS After you choose the radio, choose Ventev to deploy, protect, power, and improve your wireless radio network. HIGH DENSITY ANTENNAS High ceilings, rows of RF blocking slot machines and neon signs, and concentrations of Wi-Fi users make casinos one venue where APs with integrated antennas may not be enough to ensure seamless connectivity in all areas. TerraWave antennas connected to APs ensure the coverage and capacity you need. In addition, choose TerraWave antennas for: Ceilings 25 feet or higher Areas where RF propogation could be affected by concrete or steel structures or natural elements (lobbies or interior public spaces with water, trees and bushes) Hallways, long corridors, aisle structures (i.e. warehouses, libraries, hospitals, and retail stores) Temperature-limiting environments (i.e. freezers, test labs) High-density networks (for venues with high densities of users; stadiums, convention centers, lecture halls) How does Vegas Get Connected? TerraWave High Density Wi-Fi Antennas. NEW! 6 dBi Dual-band MIMO Antenna FEATURES: - High gain, narrow directional beamwidth - Low-profile design - Installs on a pole/mast with articulated mount for precise positioning - For all 3-lead access points including Aruba & Motorola TESSCO No. 500885 For more information: www.ventev.com/infra High-Density Wi-Fi Networks vs. Conventional Wi-Fi Networks Conventional networks can be over- whelmed when large concentra- tions of users attempt to access the network simultaneously. When the number of user devices and their application throughput require- ments exceed the available capacity of the traditional Wi-Fi network, the high density network is the solu- tion. High-density networks convert traditional coverage-oriented Wi-Fi to capacity-oriented Wi-Fi that will meet the demands of high densi- ties of Wi-Fi users, including those found in large venues such as universities, stadiums, convention centers and casinos. Unlike conventional Wi-Fi net- works for which the focus has been to provide adequate coverage in all areas where the network has been implemented, high-density networks ensure adequate capacity by "mapping" clients into smaller radio frequency (RF) cells of opera- tion. These narrower cells are creat- ed by using narrow-band antennas connected to the AP that minimize channel-to channel interference, which is the most significant cause of limited performance in a Wi-Fi network. This translates to fewer users per AP than on the tradition- ally designed network which, in turn, maximizes the use of available spectral capacity. Ventev offers a portfolio of TerraWave high density antennas designed to specifically address the entire range of Wi-Fi deployments from stadiums, convention centers and campuses to transportation centers and corporate centers. The TerraWave high-density antennas utilize narrow beam patterns to focus RF into small cells that en- able stronger, more reliable Wi-Fi signals, reduce channel-to-channel interference, and increase capacity. A variety of TerraWave mounting options are also available, including ceiling, wall, mast/pole, co-locating AP/antenna mounts and under-the- seat solutions to ensure the highest possible network performance and user experience. Visit www.ventev.com/infra. Stadium Rail Antennas Install Close to Fans to Ensure Network Connectivity Providing reliable Wi-Fi coverage and capacity to fans in open stadi- ums and arenas with high ceilings is a challenge. Antennas and access points are too far from lower, front rows to provide adequate coverage and capacity. TerraWave Solution 's antennas offer a unique solution by bringing network connectivity close to users in those sections. Handrail Antenna The tiny Handrail Antenna attaches to most handrails in stadiums and arenas. antenna. enclosure. access point (AP not included.) Guardrail Antenna and arenas. field-adjustable with +/- 20 degree tilt for precise coverage. enclosure. Visit www.ventev.com/infra.

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