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February/March 2015 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 10 INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS New TESSCO Infrastructure Partner Dialight www.tessco.com/go/dialight Dialight is leading the energy-efficient LED lighting revolution around the world for industrial and hazardous areas as well as transportation and infrastructure applications. For 40 years it has been committed to the development of LED lighting solutions that enable organizations to vastly reduce energy use and maintenance needs, improve safety, ease disposal and reduce CO2 emissions. Dialight is headquartered in the UK with operations in the US, UK, Denmark, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and Mexico. IP-67 Rated PIP Enclosure Creates Ideal Protection for Most Applications Bud's high-impact resistance Polycarbonate Resin 10% Glass Fiber-Filled Enclosures are wa- tertight and rated IP67, allowing for temporary immersion in up to 1 meter of water. They also meet Nema 4x and 6x specifications. The PIP series UV stabilized UL94-V0 rating gives protection from -40C to 120C. They are sold complete with non-metallic captive screws and a continuous gasket. The entire series is available in a gray, opaque or a clear cover (with suffix "-C"). The enclosures are ideal for equip- ment controls, Wi-Fi hot spots, timing devices or any controls or networking equipment that need to utilize a short form factor case. Visit www.tessco.com/go/bud. TESSCO No. 538753 Polycarbonate Resin 10% Glass Fiber-Filled Enclosure, 5.11"(Length) x 3.15"(Width) x 1.37"(Depth), NEMA 4X Box, Gray Polycarbonate List: $10.10 NEMA Enclosure Box Light enough to take with you, but tough enough to toss in your truck, the TESSCO Site Planner is an ideal resource for those who build and maintain communications sites. Request a print copy of the Site Planner, or view the online version at www.tessco.com/go/siteplanner. SITE PLANNER SOLUTIONS FOR TODAY'S SITE NEEDS TESSCO.COM 800.472.7373 Site Planner W I N N E R EXTENT D5777i 30/30 Narrow Beamwidth MIMO Panel Antenna TESSCO No. 512622 Galtronics This antenna is designed for use in high-capacity venues such as stadiums, arenas and campuses where excellent wireless coverage is desired. The EXTENT D5777i Antenna covers all bands, keeping a low VSWR, high gain and maintaining a stable 30/30 beamwidth across the complete frequency range. Remotely Monitored and Controlled PDU for Your Equipment Locked network devices can create costly service interruptions and network downtime. Without a remote monitor and control feature, the only remedy to rebooting locked devices is to locally turn them off and back on again. Tripp Lite Switched PDUs (power distribution units) have built-in, simple network manage- ment protocol (SNMP) network interface and individual remote outlet control capabilities, which can be easily controlled remotely and rebooted from any location, minimizing downtime and eliminating costly service calls. Automatic transfer switching also provides redundant power pro- tection for single-corded devices. With a variety of advanced features, including digital load meters, vertical or horizontal form factors, rugged metal hous- ings, single or 3-phase compatibility and multiple input/output configu- rations, Tripp Lite switched PDUs can easily simplify your network management. Visit www.tessco.com/go/tripplite. TESSCO No. 393701 8 Outlet Single-Phase Auto Transfer Switch/Switched PDU List: $763.20 TESSCO No. 313921 16 Outlet Single-Phase Auto Transfer Switch/Switched PDU List: $865.80 8 Outlet Single-Phase Auto Transfer Switch/Switched PDU

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