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Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 6 February / March 2014 INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS The Power of Communication The ability to communicate during an emergency or natural disas- ter is of paramount importance. DuraComm provides reliable solu- tions that are designed for use with mobile radios, repeaters, and other communications equipment to take away the worry and ensure that the critical call goes through when it matters most. Duracomm is proud to add the new LP-18BC to their desktop power supplies offering. The LP- 18BC joins the venerable "LP" series that has provided customers with robust solutions trusted for 15 years running. The LP-18BC brings new, improved features with an economi- cal price tag. With 13 amps of cur- rent @ 13.8 VDC for your load and 1.5 amps @ 13.6 VDC for battery charging, this allows for a simple desktop solution with battery revert and charging - all in one package. In addition, this new model offers a Low Voltage Disconnect to protect your equipment and battery from damage caused by over discharge. Another option for higher cur- rent requirements is the EH-30 model, designed from DuraComm's OEM experiences. The EH-30 provides 30 amps output @ 13.8 VDC, battery revert, a charging circuit and load share capability, as well as an extreme temperature op- eration range. As an additional advantage, all of DuraComm's desktop power supplies can be matched with DuraComm's LPH radio hoods for an integrated desktop backup or dispatch radio solution. Visit www.tessco.com/go/duracomm. Coming Soon LP-18BC List: $149.00 TESSCO No. 365442 EH-30 List: $260.00 LP-18BC Desktop Power Supply www.tessco.com/go/wilson Wilson Cellular Signal Boosters Give Your Sales a Boost! Become a Wilson Certified Installer Benefits t -JTUJOH PO UIF 8JMTPO &MFDUSPOJDT XFCTJUF BT B $FSUJmFE *OTUBMMFS t 1SJPSJUZ 5FDIOJDBM 4VQQPSU BOE EFTJHO SFWJFX t "DDFTT UP $FSUJmFE *OTUBMMFS POMZ QSPEVDUT OPU BWBJMBCMF POMJOF t -FBE SFGFSSBMT GSPN PVS DVTUPNFS TFSWJDF UFBN I chose to use Wilson's boosters over others in the market because they have proven to be robust, reliable, and most importantly, relatively easily deployed and affordable. Bradley Peskin, Director of Operations CK Technologies Original LoPro Five-Band Antenna for Solving All Communications Needs From the makers of the original low-profile LoPro antenna, Astron Wireless offers the all-in-one, five- band, LTE 3G-, 4G-, and 5G-ready, low-profile, multiple-use antenna. Unlike any other LTE antenna, the LoPro LTE861924L provides superior high performance and greater cov- erage in five frequencies, including: At less than 1.6 inches tall, this easy-to-install LTE antenna can be mounted adhesively, magnetically, or with a threaded stud. Applications Include: (fixed and "on the go") Docking Stations Eliminate multiple antennas by in- stalling a single antenna that solves all of your communications needs. Don't regret - choose the original Astron LoPro LTE antenna as the obvious choice for the highest- quality, best-performing, all-in-one LTE antenna solution. Visit www.tessco.com/go/astron. TESSCO No. 571387 Omnidirectional Low-Profile Antenna List: $129.00 Omnidirectional Low-Profile Antenna Online Editions Spend most of your life online? TESSCO's print publications are online too - always available, always interactive to give you fast answers wherever you are. Like a product you see? Click the TESSCO Number for complete specs. Click again to add the item to your worksheet. See what TESSCO's interactive publications can do for you. www.tessco.com/go/pubs COMING SOON!

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