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Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 4 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 4 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 4 SYSTEMS & APPLICATIONS February / March 2014 Ceragon delivered its FibeAir IP-10G, a high- capacity, carrier-grade microwave solution to be implemented on 200+ outdoor towers throughout the state. The solution delivers advanced Ethernet capability while boosting legacy TDM networking functionality and pro- viding an ongoing modernization path. Implementation Communication Services Inc. of Nebraska (CSI) was contracted to implement NRIN. Working with the state's emergency manage- ment community to design the high-capacity and reliable wireless part of the network, CSI selected Ceragon to provide FibeAir solu- tions to meet the challenges of interoper- ability, reliability, high capacity, and distance across more than 200 towers covering the entire state. Ceragon's FibeAir IP-10G solu- tions provide support for legacy applications while, at the same time, endowing Nebraska with a high-speed Ethernet capability and a comfortable, cost-effective path to upgrad- ing the network over time. Furthermore, the flexible radios of the IP-10G provide strong, reliable signals over all of the licensed fre- quency bands that Nebraska requires: 6 GHz to 18 GHz. The microwave network meets NRIN's up-time requirement of five 9s (99.999 percent), guaranteeing Nebraska's voice and data operations in time of emergency. Visit www.tessco.com/go/ceragon to learn more. Ceragon Helps State of Nebraska Build a Reliable, High-Speed, Public Safety Network (continued from page 1) Client Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia Client Challenge To accommodate the explosion of wireless technology used on campus, the Georgia Institute of Technology needed to upgrade network service in several of its large auditoriums, lecture halls and classrooms. Client Goals support multiple mobile devices used by students today and in the future Product Solutions Product Benefits which means more bandwidth per user and improved quality of service Georgia Tech Upgrades Wi-Fi Service With High-Density Antennas (continued from page 1) is available to each user and less bandwidth means poorer quality of service. It's like shar- ing a pecan pie. If you have to share it with 12 people it won't be as good as if you only have to share it with four." The Solution: High-Density 2.4/5 GHz Quad Patch Antenna The solution was to reduce the radio frequen- cy (RF) footprint and limit the number of users per access point. "We were looking for a high- density antenna that was compatible with the Cisco 3602E access point and had a narrower beam. Georgia Tech's existing omnidirectional antennas have a widespread beam, similar to an incandescent light bulb. The TerraWave High-Density Patch Antenna focuses a beam that is more like a flashlight." Lawrence initiated the high-density up- grade in two lecture halls. The first step was to estimate how many user devices they were trying to support in each location. Then, working with Cisco engineers and using ex- isting floor plans, they determined how they would distribute the access points. Twelve ac- cess points were used for 300 users. After the initial installation was complete, engineers did a signal strength test and made minor adjust- ments to antenna direction to minimize beam bounce. "We accomplished our goals to reduce the RF footprint, limit the number of users per access point, and improve service," said Lawrence. "We did similar upgrades in class- room buildings throughout the campus." See page 15 or visit www.tessco.com/go/ terrawave to learn more. a brand CONCLUSION Resilient wireless networks respond to the myriad requirements of Public Safety networks, providing high capacities over long distances, and with the inherent flexibility to fit into various backup topologies for high availability. Even in times of emergency, Ceragon's FibeAir family of solutions gives Public Safety organiza- tions the tools and peace of mind to service the citizenry. FibeAir IP-10G provides the perfect connectivity solution for legacy TDM applica- tions while enabling Ethernet communications, and the industry's most cost-effective path for upgrading after initial implementation. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Nebraska Regional Interoperability Network

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