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February / March 2014 The entire product offering and your pricing is on TESSCO.com or call TESSCO at 800.472.7373. 25 The enterprise space - led by early-adopters healthcare and education - is seeing an increasingly larger role in the use of this burgeoning mobile device in the business community. Currently, 75 percent of mobile workers are said to use tablets. Initially, the majority of tablets made their way into offices via employee-owned purchases (BYOD; Bring Your Own Device); however, with enterprise adoption of tablets for business purposes growing by as much as 50 percent annually, the trend shows a larger swing towards enterprise-owned purchases. In fact, analysts are predicting enterprise-owned tablet purchases could be as high as 35 percent** of worldwide sales as early as 2015. The portability of tablets is considered the biggest driver behind the adoption into the enterprise space. This is in direct correlation to employees' desire to work in more flexible, more mobile environments, and one of the main reasons industry experts have called out increased tablet usage to be one of the top 10 mobile workforce trends in 2014. In order to successfully manage an increasingly mobile workforce, companies must have a well-defined plan to protect the company and the employees' best interests. Organizations should have a mobile policy that: Enables employees to be always connected Consider: 80 percent of Internet sessions will take place on a mobile device by 2015 Ensures devices and sensitive corporate data are protected Consider: One out of every six mobile devices will be broken, lost or stolen Emphasizes employee safety and compliance with hands-free laws Consider: All 50 states have distracted driving laws When implemented and managed properly, a mobile enterprise supported by the use of tablets and smart devices will lead to numerous business benefits, including: increased productivity, cost savings, higher employee satisfaction and retention, and better customer experiences. *Source: Forrester Research **Source: Gartner, Inc. TABLET SALES CONTINUE TO EXPLODE IN THE CONSUMER MARKET, with worldwide sales predicted to exceed 381 million by 2017*. TESSCO is Your Total Source for accessories to power, protect and enhance your mobile device investment. Featuring selections from top industry brands, the TESSCO offer includes products for smartphones, mobile phones and tablets, with both device-specific and universal options. Device accessory categories include: Batteries, Chargers & Cables, Cases & Device Protection Accessories, Emerging Products, Memory & Data, Hands-Free Products, and Audio & Music Accessories. TABLETS THE WIRELESS WORKFORCE n Vehicle Chargers n Wall Chargers n Portable Backup Batteries n Charge/Sync Cables n Cases n Screen Protectors n Device Mounts n Car Kits n Bluetooth Headsets Featured Manufacturers TABLET ACCESSORIES TESSCO FEATURED SOLUTIONS

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