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February / March 2014 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 18 NETWORK SYSTEMS FieldFox Combination Analyzers Four models up to 26.5 GHz MIL-PRF-28800F Class 2 rugged Agrees with benchtop measurements CAT + VNA + spectrum analyzer For you, the unpredictable is the everyday. But there's one thing you can always depend on: the Agilent FieldFox combination analyzer. At a compact kit-friendly 6.6 lbs., it's three instruments in one: cable & antenna analyzer (CAT) + vector network analyzer (VNA) + spectrum analyzer. Which means now the power to anticipate any need fits right in the palm of your hand. Dark, rainy, windy, dusty, slippery, glaring, scorching. It's all in a day's work. The FieldFox, now with iOS enabled remote control capability Learn about cable & antenna analysis and more with our application note series www. tessco.com/go/agilent Agilent Technologies, Inc. 2014 Cyber Security Designed Specifically For Critical Infrastructures Critical infrastructure organizations such as utility companies face a wide range of security threats. The most dangerous ones, those that are targeted, malicious and cyber- based, are alarmingly on the rise in this age of growing cyber-terrorism. Even with several layers of exter- nal security in place, most utilities today are not properly equipped to protect themselves against a cyber attack that originates from the highly vulnerable inside. Without multiple layers of protection from the inside as well as from the outside, even a small-scale infiltration could result in catastrophic effects. Ensure Protection From the Inside An ideal solution combines func- tionalities that typically require separate devices and provides an efficient distributed security layer protecting from insider attacks. Look for industrial Ethernet switch/ routers that can perform as full- fledged Ethernet switches while also providing that critical additional level of internal network protection. RAD's SecFlow-2 Ruggedized SCADA-Aware Ethernet Switch/Router RAD SecFlow switches are ruggedized, resilient, industrial, cyber security devices, and the only ones on the market that incorporate a SCADA firewall and encrypted VPN capabilities. The result is a dis- tributed security solution that safe- guards against inside threats and is equivalent to the use of personal firewalls on each system in the net- work. The SecFlow's high level of service-aware integrated functional- ity distinguishes it from other indus- trial Ethernet switches that require additional peripheral devices to de- liver the same protection - making it the most cost-effective solution in the market! Airmux-Compatible Because the SecFlow has PoE ports compatible with RAD's Airmux broadband radios, it's an ideal solution for transporting traffic encrypted with a layer 2/3 tunnel using IPsec/AES256. Already have a third-party radio in place? No prob- lem! SecFlow supports both 802.3af and 802.3at. Visit www.tessco.com/go/rad. TESSCO No. 567354 SecFlow-2 Ethernet Switch/Router List: $1,714.00 SecFlow-2 Ruggedized SCADA-Aware Ethernet Switch/Router NEW! FibeAir IP-20C - Breaking Traditional Capacity Barriers The FibeAir IP-20C from Ceragon sets a new standard in microwave transmission combining multi-core radio technology, 2048 QAM modu- lation, and line-of-sight 4x4 MIMO in a compact, all-outdoor design. Private network operators, from Public Safety to oil and gas, from utilities to transportation, are find- ing it increasingly difficult to cope with the demand for more capacity. FibeAir IP-20C breaks capacity bar- riers, offering a virtual fiber solution in licensed frequencies. FibeAir IP-20C delivers multi- Gbps capacity on a single fre- quency channel, setting a new standard for efficient spectrum use. Combining breakthrough multi- core radio architecture with 2048 QAM modulation and line-of-sight (LOS) 4X4 MIMO, it enables opera- tors to reach capacities that qua- druple those of existing solutions. Features Versatility FibeAir IP-20C is the most versatile radio available in the market today. Thanks to its innovative multi-core technology, it can be configured for optimized performance in any deployment scenario. Visit www.tessco.com/go/ceragon. TESSCO No. 534850 IP-20C-D-11W-500-6W12-H-ESX-M List: $13,000.00 TESSCO No. 500262 IP-20C-D-11W-500-6W12-L-ESX-M List: $13,000.00 FibeAir IP-20C

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