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The entire product offering and your pricing is on TESSCO.com or call TESSCO at 800.472.7373. 17 www.tessco.com/go/twj February / March 2014 The entire product offering and your pricing is on TESSCO.com or call TESSCO at 800.472.7373. 17 NETWORK SYSTEMS True Carrier-Class Systems Require Precise Network Timing As telecommunications systems mi- grate to more cost-effective, packet- based transport systems (Internet Protocol-IP), consideration must be made to timing and synchroniza- tion. This issue is typically solved with GPS or a Precise Network Timing protocol over the packet network, using techniques such as Synchronous Ethernet or 1588v2. In many urban environments, GPS is not a reliable or practical solu- tion. To use Precise Network Timing protocols, all the network devices in the backhaul system must support it. 1588v2 is one of the most com- mon Precise Network Timing pro- tocols being used, and will likely be deployed in more than half of net- works within the next 24 months. It is popular because it supports both frequency and time-of-day synchro- nization, which is required by many new telecommunications systems, such as LTE and LTE-A. These sys- tems typically require about 1.5 us of timing accuracy. Since there are multiple devices along the backhaul path, each device in the path typi- cally requires about 50 ns of tim- ing accuracy. Conveying Precision Timing Protocol over microwave systems was often the weak link in the chain, due to traditionally high Packet Delay Variations. To overcome this limitation, microwave radios systems should support Precision Timing Protocols, such as 1588v2. Cambium Networks is commit- ted to providing high-performance wireless broadband connectivity that is also secure and affordable. The new PTP 650 now supports optional 1588v2 Transparent Clock as well as Synchronous Ethernet. In tests, the PTP 650 has achieved up to 2.8 ns of timing accuracy. This is at least 10 times better than most systems would require and ensures that the system addresses any fu- ture requirements. The Cambium Networks PTP 650 is a revolutionary Sub-6 GHz (4940- 6050 MHz) point-to-point micro- wave radio with up to 450 Mbps of throughput. The PTP 650 1588v2 Transparent Clock is particularly useful for applications requiring synchronization and timing, such as LTE Backhaul, Cell-on-Wheels, Small Cell Backhaul, and FirstNet Backhaul. Visit www.tessco.com/go/cambium. TESSCO No. 504611 PTP 650 Connectorized END With AC+DC Enhanced Supply List: $2,795.00 Demand Skyrockets for High-Performance, Ruggedized LTE Routers by Critical Infrastructure Users Higher speed and greater band- width are required by increasingly sophisticated applications that de- liver Internet access, streaming video, real-time vehicle location and mapping, work order management, and multimedia communications. This higher level of performance is critical in supporting the decision- making and operational efficien- cies necessary for effective outage management, failover network avail- ability, and expanding situational awareness for first-responders. The new Fusion from CalAmp is a high-performance multi-net- work LTE router designed for use by first-responders and companies in the oil and gas, utility, rail and trans- portation industries. Fusion enables secure, wireless data connectivity over commercial LTE networks, as well as the FirstNet Public Safety nationwide broadband LTE network. Fusion is configurable to operate on a single LTE network, and is also uniquely proficient and configurable in providing dual-network connec- tivity to route data traffic between two concurrent LTE networks in service. With the advent of commercial, private, and Public Safety 4G LTE networks, first-responders and companies across various indus- tries can reap the benefits of real- time access to on-board systems and leverage expertise across applications, depart- ments, and agencies in a collaborative setting: ruggedized platform allows for ease of device and applica- tion integration. responders can sig- nificantly enhance 911 response times with better situational awareness, video, and mobile data applications that leverage Fusion's ability to operate on concurrent networks, including public networks and FirstNet LTE. time access to onboard cameras and recording devices, and assists with passenger count- ing, automatic fare collection, schedule adherence, voice an- nunciation, and signage display. help improve advanced outage management, automated meter- ing infrastructure (AMI) distribu- tion and substation automation (DA/SA). solves the problem of LTE cover- age by offering fixed, nomadic and mobile high-speed data solutions. Applications Include: Computer Aided Dispatch; Automatic Vehicle Location; Geographic Information Systems; Streaming Video; Vehicle Area Networks; RMS, Data Interoperability; Situational Awareness, Incident Command; Traffic Management, Signal Control; Transit AVL/Dispatch Schedule Adherence; Fleet Management, Analytics Reporting, Telematics, Driver Efficiency; and Smart Building Sensor Integration. Fusion devices can be managed, monitored, and controlled using DeviceOutlook, a secure, scalable, reliable, and enterprise-class device management platform. Visit www.tessco.com/go/calamp. TESSCO No. 504941 Fusion Router With GPS & Wi-Fi for Verizon List: $1,490.00 TESSCO No. 504949 Fusion Router With GPS & Wi-Fi for AT&T List: $1,490.00 TESSCO No. 569948 Dual-Radio Fusion Router With GPS for Verizon & AT&T List: $1,890.00 TESSCO No. 569942 Dual-Radio Fusion Router With GPS & Wi-Fi for Verizon & AT&T List: $2,090.00 Fusion Multi-Network LTE Router NEW! October 1st & 2nd M&T Bank Stadium Baltimore, MD Save the Date: INNOVATION SHOWCASE '14 TESSCO Your Total Sourc e for Making Wireless Work .

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