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Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 14 February / March 2014 INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS Protect Wi-Fi Access Points Without Disrupting Decor Wall Mount Enclosure n Inconspicuous design blends with decor. n Keyed lock for maximum tampering and theft protection. n Mounts on any type of wall (sheet rock, brick, concrete, dry wall.) Wall Mount Enclosure TESSCO No. 525107 Ventev Enclosures for Any Radio/AP or Location Browse the complete line of Ventev enclosures to deploy access points in any environment at www.ventev.com Complete Line of Ventev Enclosures Ceiling Enclosures Heated / Cooled Enclosures Fully-Integrated Outdoor Enclosure Systems Wall Mount Enclosures Metal Enclosures Non-Metallic Enclosures Enclosure Accessories: Power Conversion Equipment, Cable Grounding and Lightning Protection Ventev's decor-friendly line of enclosures conceal and protect access points from tampering and theft, dust and accidents. Ideal for public locations where security, performance and aesthetics are equally important. Ceiling Mount Enclosure n Aesthetically-pleasing design seamlessly blends into the ceiling. n Keeps access point protected from view with no exposed cables. n Universal model fits most access points. AP-specific models available. Ceiling Mount Enclosure TESSCO No. 579324 n Hospitals n Universities n Convention Centers n Offices After you choose the radio, choose Ventev to deploy, protect, power, and improve your wireless radio network. Contact Ventev to discuss your specific project: 800.851.4965, sales@ventev.com CSI ClearLink High-Performance, PIM-Certified In-Building Products Cellular Specialties, Inc. (CSI) has been dedicated to engineering and providing high-performance products that meet or exceed the typical PIM measurement to deliver the most superior distributed anten- na system (DAS). Why is Low PIM Important to System Performance? PIM can impact a DAS performance when unwanted intermodulations generated by multiple signals in the downlink appear in the uplink, reducing overall quality of service. Additionally, PIM can cause interfer- ence in nearby systems, including public safety solutions, reducing their overall coverage or signal quality. Low PIM is Important for: - components with PIM levels below the noise floor allow for maximum system performance. high quality, compatible materials guaranteeing system performance when the system is initially powered up. loose connections or corrosion guaranteeing system reliability for the long haul. All ClearLink products offer a PIM rating of -153 dBc which are tested and approved by CSI to meet carrier requirements. System components are available in either type N or 7/16" DIN connectors: The ClearLink antennas are suitable for CDMA, GSM, DCS, 3G/UMTS, and LTE in-building applications: Indoor/Outdoor Visit www.tessco.com/go/csi. Better Networks, Better Products, Ultra Low PIM Terminations Since 1961, MECA has designed and manufactured an extensive line of RF/Microwave components with industry-leading performance including Fixed Attenuators, Directional & Hybrid Couplers, Circulators & Isolators, Power Divider/Combiners, RF Loads, Integrated Assemblies, DC Blocks, Bias Tees and Adapters & Jumpers. MECA serves all areas of the RF and Microwave industries including world-class network providers and supporting supply chain infrastruc- ture, and has long been the "back- bone" of high-performance wired and air-interfaced networks such as in-building applications, satellite communications, radar, radio com- munications, telemetry applications, mobile radio, aviation & air traffic communications. MECA low PIM components, such as the 30W and 100W loads, feature unique and unmatched industry- leading PIM performance of mini- mum -165 dBc to -170 dBc, typical at full dissipated rated power at ambient air temperature of 85 de- grees Celsius, without de-rating the power handling capability. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor harsh environments, these solutions are ideal for IDAS / ODAS, in-building, base station, wireless infrastruc- ture, 4G and AWS applications. All of the LPTs (terminations) cover 0.698 - 2.700 GHz frequency bands in 7/16 DIN or Type N Male or fe- male connectors. VSWR = 1.10:1 (typical) and 1.20:1 (max). They are also weatherproof IP 67 rated. And as always, made in the USA with MECA's 36-month warranty! Visit www.tessco.com/go/meca. TESSCO No. 568912 0.698-2.700 GHz, 30W Low PIM Load List: $557.50 TESSCO No. 568915 0.698-2.700 GHz, 100W Low PIM Load List: $1,617.75 Low PIM Load NEW! Need Your Price? Visit www.tessco.com/go/pricing.

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