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11 February / March 2014 The entire product offering and your pricing is on TESSCO.com or call TESSCO at 800.472.7373. Two-way radios are well-suited to these markets because they offer mainly voice capabilities that support immediate person-to-person and group communications. It is the simplicity and options of the two- way radio that make it attractive for situations where reliable operation is vital. Unlike smartphones, using two-way radios requires minimal physical interaction from the user, resulting in quick message acknowl- edgement, response time, and in many cases, single-button operation. Two-way radio systems offer fast, clear, and dedicated communications for personnel on the move. Whether communicating within in a single facility, across a campus, among multiple locations in a city or even different cities, or among a mobile workforce, two-way radio solutions benefit many businesses and organizations. Two-way radio systems increase productivity by allowing a mobile workforce to communicate instantly, while focusing on the job at hand. From first-responder and road warrior, to dispatched technician, two-way radio operation is only as good as the accessories that support it. Two-way radio accessories include batteries and battery chargers/ conditioners, microphones, and encoders/decoders. Featured Manufacturers TWO WAY RADIO SYSTEMS CONTINUE TO OFFER RELIABLE cost-effective communications for Public Safety agencies (police, fire, EMS), and for companies that manage fleets and dispatch field forces. Technology advances and future expansion mean that two-way radios help businesses meet their unique requirements and specific needs. TESSCO got its start in the wireless business supplying some of the early two-way radios to railroads. More than 30 years hence, TESSCO is a leading supplier of a wide range of two-way radio system solutions. We continue to feature the industry-leading manufacturers in mobile, portable, and interoperable two-way radio systems and components to support the needs of resellers and end-users. TESSCO carries a selection of two-way radios and accessories for almost all models of two-way radios in use today. Let us show you how to realize the highest productivity, reliability, and cost- effectiveness of your two-way radio operations. Mission-Critical Two-Way Radio Solutions n Radio Batteries n Battery Chargers & Analyzers n Radio Headsets n Radio Microphones Learn More: www.tessco.com/go/2wayradios TESSCO FEATURED SOLUTIONS TWO WAY RADIO ACCESSORIES

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