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Climb Safely TESSCO is Your Total Source for everything you need to build, use, and maintain a communications site, including the safety equipment. Our industry experience and performance-proven manufacturing partners provide the product and knowledge solutions you need to keep your team safe. Save lives and avoid costly fines with the right know-how and equipment. Train & Prepare Training isn't just a nice-to-have when climbing towers. Knowing how to stay safe can save lives. As the demand for new tower sites or add-ons to existing sites continues to expand, new, and often-inexperienced climbers are joining tower crews. Training is recommended for new climbers who require basic climbing skills, and for experienced climbers who can expand their skills on the latest techniques and safety measures, including how to handle rescue situations. TESSCO's comprehensive curriculum of field skills training and OSHA-compliant safety certification courses can help you prepare your crews to get the job done right, efficiently and safely. Courses include: Authorized Climber Tower Rescue and Competent Climber Advanced Understanding of Rigging & Rope Fall Protection RF Safety and Awareness (Available in Both English and Spanish) View the full Training Portfolio at www.tessco.com/go/training. Browse the full Safety Portfolio at www.tessco.com/go/safety. Outfit & Protect Once your tower climbers are ready, you need to outfit them with the gear they need to stay safe. TESSCO offers a wide selection of climbing and per- sonal safety equipment to help protect your crew on the job site. Our portfolio includes gear such as climbing harnesses, lanyards, hard hats and safety glasses. Just as important, though, is electromagnetic environment (EME) protection. TESSCO offers a full range of signage, RF meters, and personal alarms to prevent dangerous levels of RF exposure. Our broad selection, quick delivery, competitive pricing, and custom kitting capabilities make it easy to procure the safety gear you need. Simplifying Your Supply Chain Let TESSCO outfit your team with a custom-built training and safety equipment kit, designed specifically to fit your proj- ect or personnel needs. By bundling the exact items you need for a new team member, or for an experienced climber at the beginning of the season, you can be certain every piece of vital equipment is available. And because of TESSCO's logistics and supply chain expertise, you can feel assured that all materials are on site when they are needed. Rather than simply compile products, we work with our customers to recommend all of the items needed by wireless professionals. We simplify your supply chain by configuring project-specific solutions or even a starter kit to outfit every new technician you hire. Once your custom kit has everything you need, we can assign it a specific SKU for easy pur- chasing, tracking and invoicing. With work crews scheduled and a tight timeline to which you need to adhere, our deliv- ery guarantee ensures that each site kit will be delivered complete, on time, and error free. Harnesses Lanyards Carabiners Life Lines Safety Systems Tie OffLanyards Descenders Hard Hats Climbing Gloves Safety Glasses Tool Pouches Harness Carry Bags Rope Bags RF Protection Tool Tethers Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 4 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 4 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 4 SYSTEMS & APPLICATIONS December 2013 January 2014 Safety-From the Ground Up

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