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The entire product offering and your pricing is on TESSCO.com or call TESSCO at 800.472.7373. 19 www.tessco.com/go/twj December 2013 January 2014 The entire product offering and your pricing is on TESSCO.com or call TESSCO at 800.472.7373. 19 NETWORK SYSTEMS Tools For the Wireless Technician View TESSCO's Cable Prep Tool Matrices at www.tessco.com/go/preptools. Industry's First Edge Mesh Product Mesh to the edge - the only real solution for the growing demand of Internet of Things (IoT). Cameras, wireless parking meters, smart util- ity meters - all need network con- nectivity that is resilient and secure. Current solutions design these edge connections as links - that has some real shortcomings. If we look at a typical municipal outdoor network, we have three segments - the core fiber ring, the aggregation network which collects all edge device data and backhauls it up to the nearest fiber drop, and finally the last-mile connection to the edge devices. Each of these segments of the network is often heterogeneous - different vendor, different manage- ment, different policy management, different security. It's a network management nightmare. Moreover, customers report that many of these edge applications such as broad- band access and video surveillance need features like redundancy, end-to-end security, and end-to-end QoS. A mesh-based system is the only way to design a multi-hop, reli- able, and secure end-to-end solu- tion. However, due to price points, mesh-based products have been traditionally preferred only in the aggregation space. Knowing mesh to the edge is the real solution, Firetide created a cost-effective, reliable, and secure "Edge Mesh" product. HotPort 5020, the industry's first edge mesh product, expands the reach of mesh beyond the ag- gregation segment to the edge of the network. Customers are now able to design the edge devices as an extension of their existing network. Adding a new camera to the network involves just adding a new edge mesh node connected to the camera and integrating it to an already-existing wireless network. The edge mesh product provides 25 Mbps of UDP throughput around 15-20 Mbps of TCP which is plenty for current edge needs. Based on Firetide's calculation, the cost sav- ings to the customer over a tradi- tional mesh-based system could be more than 30 percent. This reduces the barrier to entry and avails fea- tures such as end-to-end redundan- cy, security, and policy management. To ensure success, Firetide did months of outdoor testing at their very own outdoor test network in collaboration with CSU Monterey Bay and also beta tests with several customers/partners. They believe that Internet of Things is here and now. The market demands solutions that help integrate these devices into an IT network with consistent policy, network management, and QoS management; bringing mesh to the edge is a step in that direction. Visit www.tessco.com/go/firetide. TESSCO No. 500993 HotPort 5020 Edge Node, Connectorized, Tri Band, All-Outdoor List: $1,395.00 TESSCO No. 565993 HotPort 5020 Edge Node With Redundancy, All-Outdoor List: $1,695.00 TESSCO No. 500994 HotPort 5020 Link, Single Radio, All-Outdoor List: $2,995.00 HotPort 5020 Increase Your Wi-Fi Capacity With Motorola's Fifth-Generation LAN for 802.11ac As demands on 802.11n Wi-Fi network bandwidth dramatically increase, your customer's network could be under strain from the growing number of Wi-Fi users con- suming more data with mobile de- vices and bandwidth-hungry Apps. Greater wireless throughput and denser networks of wireless access points (APs) are needed to meet the needs of these enterprises - which drove the IEEE to develop a 1Gbps+ WLAN standard - 802.11ac. Key Benefits of 802.11ac leviate bandwidth challenges, re- duces interference, and increas- es battery life of 11ac clients port the exponential growth of mobile devices width applications such as mo- bile video and streaming media running exclusively in the 5 GHz band, so it is backward-compati- ble with 802.11n devices running at 5 GHz Motorola Solutions' 802.11ac Wireless Suite The 802.11ac wireless suite of access points from Motorola Solutions , along with WiNG 5's intelligent architecture built for fifth-generation networks, allows your network to grow without growing pains. You can be ready for the future today. With the 802.11ac suite, including the AP 8232 and AP 8222, you can: service at the edge, and bypass bottlenecks using WiNG 5's un- matched flexibility and expand- able module architecture and integrate both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz clients and applications while increasing capacity to 1.3 gigabytes per second 802.11n clients by up to 50 percent to handle monster bandwidth applications without a glitch Motorola's flexible options to support a wide variety of deploy- ment scenarios. Talking Though Transition The question is - should your cus- tomer refresh their wireless network today; is there a benefit to go with 802.11ac or should they stick with 802.11n infrastructure? Though there are only a small number of mobile 11ac devices today, in October 18, 2012, ABI Research forecasted that 70 percent of all mobile devices will be 11ac by 2015. This means if they deploy an 11n network, it could be out of gas two years into a five-year lifecycle investment. New 802.11ac devices will be rolling out so future- proofing your network with 11ac to extend the life of that investment makes a lot of sense. In addition, 802.11ac APs will support greater effective throughput even for 11n clients and improved battery life for 11ac clients. When you're customer is ready to transition to 802.11ac, make sure you're ready with Motorola's 802.11ac suite of wireless LAN products. Visit www.tessco.com/go/ motorolasolutions. TESSCO No. 567011 AP 8232 List: $1,345.00 AP 8232 New TESSCO Network Systems Partners Oceus www.tessco.com/go/oceus Oceus Networks provides broadband solutions worldwide to deliver high-speed voice, video and data communications - empowering governments and commercial industries with the products they need to share information securely. Oceus is a leading provider of open, standards-based mobile and fixed network infrastructure and offers an extensive portfolio of public sector-focused solutions that simplify and expedite the deployment of wired and wireless broadband communications solutions. Oceus recently announced the availability of a new fourth-generation (4G) Long Term Evolution (LTE) family of fully interoperable solutions that enable high-speed, high-capacity voice, video and data transmissions for military per- sonnel and first-responders. Ruggedized for extreme environments and situations, Xiphos systems provide turnkey, easily deployable broadband networks wherever traditional communication infra- structures are unavailable or compromised. Schurman Electronics, Inc. www.tessco.com/go/schurman Schurman Electronics has been serving the radio communications equipment industry for more than 30 years. The company entered the industry with selling and servicing Motorola radio systems, and today offers solutions tailored to Emergency Services and the Public Safety community. Available through TESSCO is the SEI ADVISOR two-tone paging encoder/decoder which has been designed with the needs of first-responders in mind - tones can be entered direct- ly from the keypad with no need for tables and conversions, and the unit will also decode pages and trigger a relay that can turn on sta- tion lights or start a recorder to record the call. Featuring 250 slots, 40 stacks, DTMF sequences (Standard and Knox F1), up to 16 tones trip relay output, and operating on 12-15 VDC, the SEI ADVISOR is ideal for use in Mobile Command Units, Mobile Dispatch Units, or on Fire and Rescue Apparatus. Feature-Packed Radio Remote Control Products The CPI Communications TRML and MCR/TSR Series remote con- trol products allow multiple remote radio users to access many radio features while away from the radio. The TRML is a feature-packed, console-style remote that allows remote users to control up to four separate radios. The unit includes selected and unselected line vol- ume control, line activity indicators, RX mute, selectable 2W or 4W/FD control per line, and many other features. The TRML does not re- quire any software to program and is ideal for many small dispatch operations. The CPI TSR(K)100A remote control features an OLED display for channel and alpha tag identification, and is compatible with many of the popular Kenwood mobiles. The TSR series multichan- nel remotes provide radio status updating on all parallel remotes. Depending on the termination panel selected, the TSR(K)100A can be used with Kenwood P25 , 7180/8180, and NX700/800 series mobiles. CPI Communications manufactures a complete line of Local Extension, DC, Tone, and Multichannel remotes and termina- tion panels for most radio systems. Visit www.tessco.com/go/cpi. TESSCO No. 444989 Tone Remote, 4 Line List: $1,026.45 TESSCO No. 454897 Telephone-Style Remote Control List: $694.35 NEW! Telephone-Style Remote Control

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