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Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 18 December 2013 January 2014 INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS TESSCO offers all Government customers the products, programs, service and support to meet your wireless needs. www.tessco.com/go/gsa After you choose the radio, choose Ventev to deploy, power and protect essential communications. Don't let freezing temperatures freeze productivity. With today's increased reliance on wireless communications, even workplaces like cold storage warehouses, freezers and refrigerat- ed rooms are demanding Wi-Fi connectivity. Refrigerated rooms present unique challenges for network admin- istrators. Sensitive indoor access points must be protected from cold, condensation, frost and accidents. Thick walls and insulation can make wiring for AC power expensive and time-consuming and cause unacceptable dust and downtime. Ventev introduces a simple, new solution for the challenges of freezer room connectivity. Freezer Room Wireless Enclosure System The PoE-powered solution by Ventev is engineered to power and protect indoor access points in refrigerator-type applications. n Installation is a snap with a single PoE line; no AC power or outlet needed n Heating element continuously maintains AP manufacturer- specified operating temperatures n NEMA 4X polycarbonate enclosure with clear door and latch locks protects against tampering and theft. Water-proof to protect during wash-downs. n Optional TerraWave Omni Antenna or external Patch Antenna available to improve network coverage n Available for Cisco, Aruba, Meru, Motorola access points For more information visit: terra-wave.com/APsystems Contact Ventev/TerraWave sales at 800.851.4965, sales@terra-wave.com Above: Enclosure with Omni Antenna TESSCO No. 514520 Left: Patch Antenna TESSCO No. 570995 Mounting Solutions That Simplify Wi-Fi Network Deployments The scale and density of Wi-Fi net- works have dramatically changed over the last decade. Users are bringing more devices into the network, using higher-bandwidth applications, and transmitting data for longer periods of time, forcing IT managers everywhere to deal with the additional load on their Wi-Fi systems. As Wi-Fi systems in large indoor and outdoor venues are being pushed to their limits, high- density networks are becoming the norm. These high-density networks use access points (APs) paired with external high-density (higher gain, narrower beamwidth) antennas to provide improved capacity and en- hanced coverage. However, deploy- ing these antennas in large public venues is becoming a challenge, as aesthetically pleasing, easy- to-install solutions are required. Specifically, IT managers are looking for ways to improve mounting APs side by side with antennas, and to ensure that cable connections and cable management between the two are professional looking. The engineers from Ventev Wireless Infrastructure have de- veloped a new line of mounts from TerraWave Solutions that simplify the overall deployment by utilizing a clamshell design to mount both the AP and an antenna in the same location and keep the cables pro- fessionally confined between them. An aesthetically pleasing, easier-to- deploy solution is the result of this mounting structure. The new line of TerraWave mounts supports Cisco 3600/3700 APs and provides an articulation range of +/-25 degrees, allowing installers to precisely position the antenna for maximum coverage. The mounts are also compatible with other popular APs from Aruba Networks, Cisco Systems, Meru Networks, Motorola Solutions, among others. Visit www.tessco.com/go/terrawave. TESSCO No. 568600 Co-Location AP & Antenna Mounting System List: $129.76 Co-Location Access Point & Antenna Mounting System COMING SOON! Universal Barrel Cushion Accommodates Various Cable Types & Sizes Finding the correct barrel cushion to securely mount cable can be chal- lenging. The new Universal Barrel Cushion from Wireless Solutions , a Ventev Wireless Infrastructure product line, simplifies installation and enables a single cushion to mount a variety of cable types and sizes. The innovative design incorpo- rates the same strength, durability, and support of Wireless Solutions' standard cushions, but offers the flexibility to accommodate various cable sizes. The cushion eliminates leftover cushion inventory that may have been sized for outdated or legacy-sized cables, and reduces the number of cushions needed. With the ability to mount a wide range of cable sizes into a single cushion with a single attachment point, the Universal Barrel Cushion provides versatility in all applications and re- duces material and installation costs. The unique design allows them to be individually installed by utilizing but- terfly hangers, stackable hangers, or mini cable blocks. Constructed from UV-resistant EPDM rubber which is durable in extreme temperatures and harsh environmental conditions, the cushion is available in small (7/8"), medium (1-5/8"), and large (2-1/4") sizes, and can accommodate the following cable diameters: 4-14 mm (small); 14-36 mm (medium); and 20- 55 mm (large). Samples are immedi- ately available from TESSCO. Visit www.tessco.com/go/wls. TESSCO No. 502008 Universal Barrel Cushion (7/8") List: $18.70 TESSCO No. 502009 Universal Barrel Cushion (1-5/8") List: $29.59 TESSCO No. 567009 Universal Barrel Cushion (2-1/4) List: $34.75 Universal Barrel Cushion NEW!

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