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Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 16 December 2013 January 2014 INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS After you choose the radio, choose Ventev to deploy, power and protect essential communications. Get reliable Wi-Fi coverage in challenging, open-area warehouse environments. Deploy, power and protect access points with ruggedized enclosure systems and high-performing TerraWave antennas. Improved RF Coverage Whether it's a high-gain directional antenna to cover rack/ shelf areas or a ruggedized omnidirectional antenna for freezers or other harsh environments, Ventev's broad line of TerraWave antennas improve Wi-Fi coverage and reliability in challenging RF environments. Simplified Installation Ruggedized, integrated enclosure solutions simplify deployments while minimizing installation time. With a variety of mounting options, each solution can securely be mounted to i-beams, ceilings, walls or poles to accommodate any deployment. Maximum Protection Ventev's integrated enclosure solutions protect networking equipment from machinery, dust, dirt and other hazardous debris. For more information visit: www.terra-wave.com Contact Ventev/TerraWave sales at 800.851.4965, sales@terra-wave.com Above: PoE Enclosure System for Harsh Environments TESSCO No. 544457 wireless infrastructure Left: High Gain Antenna for Cisco Access Points TESSCO No. 349502 Right: Dual Band Antenna for Aruba, Motorola & Meru Access Points TESSCO No. 568911 Increase Wi-Fi Capacity and Coverage in Large Indoor and Outdoor Venues Wi-Fi coverage in stadiums, conven- tion centers, campuses, and other large venues can be a challenge because of the concentration of users simultaneously accessing the network, often through multiple devices. Wireless systems are being pushed to their limits and high- density Wi-Fi networks are becom- ing the norm. To meet the growing demand, TerraWave Solutions , a Ventev Wireless Infrastructure product line, recently added two new High-Density Antennas to its portfolio that significantly im- prove service quality by increasing capacity and coverage directly where it's needed. The new TerraWave High-Density 10/11 dBi Ceiling-Mount Antenna is the first in the market with an inconspicuous in-ceiling tile mount. The subtle design camouflages the Wi-Fi access point for improved aesthetics and increased security. Designed for Wi-Fi deployments in indoor locales with high densities of wireless clients, the High-Density Ceiling-Mount Antenna has a nar- row beamwidth that minimizes channel-to-channel interference which in turn leads to increased capacity and improved Wi-Fi cover- age throughout the facility. The second new antenna, TerraWave's High-Density 14 dBi Patch Antenna is a high-perfor- mance antenna designed for wire- less networks operating in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency range in both indoor and outdoor applica- tions. The antenna uses a narrow 35-degree beamwidth at 2.4/5 GHz, minimizing channel-to-channel in- terference which in turn leads to in- creased capacity. The antenna also features higher gain which enables greater distance between antenna and the users without sacrific- ing network performance. Greater distance offers venue operators greater flexibility in antenna place- ment for optimum performance and security. TerraWave's High-Density Antennas support access points from a variety of industry-leading manufacturers, including Aruba Networks, Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks, Meru Networks, Motorola Solutions, among others. TESSCO No. 567653 10/11 dBi Ceiling-Mount Antenna List: $435.68 TESSCO No. 502653 14 dBi Patch Antenna List: $591.25 NEW! TESSCO Has the Tools for Every Job 148-Piece Professional Tool Set Crescent Tools List: $168.53 TESSCO No. 422633 70-Piece Professional Tool Set Crescent Tools List: $103.27 TESSCO No. 339794 TESSCO No. 531800 13/7 dBi MIMO Patch Array Antenna List: $518.10 TESSCO No. 349502 6 dBi MIMO Quad Patch Antenna List: $282.00 Visit www.tessco.com/go/terrawave.

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