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What's Inside Technical accuracy is the responsibility of the author(s). PLEASE reference this code when ordering from this issue 07531 2014 PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID TESSCO TECHNOLOGIES 11126 McCormick Road Hunt Valley, Maryland USA 21031-1494 CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED VOLUME 20 NO. 6 DECEMBER 2013/JANUARY 2014 www.tessco.com/go/twj System and Product Reviews for Those Who Build, Use and Maintain Wireless The Wireless Journal Providing High-Performance Protection in a Fast-Paced Environment Case Study Submitted by OtterBox The world of racing is nothing if not fast-paced. For Germn Quiroga and the Red Horse Racing Team, that means spending a majority of the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series season on the road, tearing up the asphalt at tracks around the country and rushing back to their shop to prepare for the next race. To stay con- nected with the team on race day and with their families every other day, the driver and his team rely on their mobile technology. To keep that technology working in the dusty, greasy, rough-and tumble chaos, they trust OtterBox. Quiroga broke into racing at the age of 14 in his hometown of Mexico City. His career has taken him from an entry-level series to stock cars to formula racing and back again before deciding to stick with the NASCAR Mexico Series where he became a three-time champion. While the series remained challenging, with new struggles each race weekend, Quiroga was not satisfied to rest on his laurels. "I decided that I wanted to get even higher in my career. It was not enough," he said. "I wanted to learn more and to represent my country in the United States." Packing all of his belongings into a truck, he drove from Mexico City all the way to Charlotte, N.C., the epicenter of U.S. racing, and started again. Now, as the newest driver for the Red Horse Racing team, he's looking to not only make a name for himself but also represent his country. "Our goal is to go out and win. It's very simple," said Red Horse Racing owner and managing partner Tom DeLoach. "I recognize that we can't win every week, but our job is to put the right people at the track who can win." The Year Ahead: Key Trends and Market Drivers Shaping the 2014 Wireless Business Submitted by TESSCO Technologies Everywhere you look, people are on their cellphones - talking, texting, Web browsing . Welcome to the Mobile Internet Age - the 21st century's first great technology wave that is surging on the relentless convergence of the Internet and wireless. As a society, we are rely- ing on wireless communications more and more - whether for personal use, business, or simply for entertainment purposes - by accessing online services wherever we are, whenever we want it, and via whatever media (voice, data or video) we choose. More significantly, the wireless industry is at a tipping point after which wireless technology will forever pervade our day-to-day living. The main reason is that the wireless business is experienc- ing a unique confluence of three pronounced trends: 1) the continuous rollout of evermore powerful devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops); 2) major wireless network upgrades to 4G/LTE - and soon 5G technology - by the carriers that are investing billions of dollars each year just to keep up with demand; and 3) an expanding customer base of a generation of young people who for the most part have grown up never really using a wired telephone and never will, and who are demanding more and more capabilities in their wireless devices that will enable them to live untethered, which means they want even more powerful devices for their personal, business, and social activities and so the cycle repeats. In this edition of The Wireless Journal , we look ahead at the predominant trends and drivers we see for 2014 that are fueling the exponential growth of the wireless business - of course rec- ognizing that a one-year glimpse is only a precur- sor to a communications revolution that will carry us well into the future with no real end in sight. Read on, and feel free to share your perspectives and comments with us. (continued on page 2) (continued on page 6) Safety-From the Ground Up Page 4 Where Does Your Wi-Fi Network Need to Go? Page 5 How Mobile Devices Are Driving Healthcare, Wellness & Fitness Page 6 Cellular Coverage/ Capacity the Small Cell Revolution Page 8 Maximizing the Capabilities of Your Commercial Two-Way Radios Page 10 The Cellular Specialties, Inc. (CSI) ClearLink PIM-Certified Multiband Directional Antenna delivers superior system performance for in-building applications. Page 15 Expand the reach of mesh to the edge of the network with the Firetide HotPort 5020, the industry's first edge mesh product. Page 19 Sunsight Instruments' AntennAlign Alignment Tool (AAT), a TESSCO exclusive, is the most accurate, durable antenna alignment tool on the market. Page 22 Multiband MIMO Antennas from Mobile Mark cover all global Cellular/ LTE (3G/4G) frequencies, including 700 MHz (U.S.) and 2.6 GHz (Canada). Page 24 Power and protect your smartphone with award-winning mophie juice pack battery cases that provide up to 80% extra battery life. Page 27 PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID TESSCO TECHNOLOGIES 11126 McCormick Road Hunt Valley, Maryland USA 21031-1494 CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED Introducing a New Year of Innovations From Ventev >>> ions ev THE YEAR AHEAD THE YEAR 2014

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