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DECEMBER 2015 JANUARY 2016 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 4 INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS Times-Protect LP-SPT RF Lightning Protection Tester End users now have the ability to check, either before installing an in-line surge protector or after a lightning event, that a lightning protection device is working properly using the Times-Protect LP-SPT RF Surge Protection Tester. The LP-SPT has been added to the growing line of innovative surge protection products offered by Times Microwave Systems . The LP-SPT provides the user with the capability to test virtually any lightning protection device or component to ensure proper function and capability to protect critical and expensive RF equipment. Weighing only 16 ounces and powered by two 9-volt batteries, the ruggedized handheld unit is completely portable, making it ideal for field use. The LP-SPT unit has two terminals, N male and N female, to support testing the most popular in-line RF surge protection devices and can easily test RF surge protectors with any other interfaces by using commonly available RF adaptors. At just 9" x 4" x 1-1/2," the slim LP-SPT unit comes complete with a heavy-duty, nylon carrying case, batteries, easy-to-follow instructions, and a set of custom alligator clips to allow testing of surge protection components such as MOVs, diodes, and gas tubes. Visit www.tessco.com/go/times. TESSCO No. 515265 Surge Protection Tester List: $875.00 Times-Protect LP-SPT RF Surge Protection Tester A Proven Solution for Large-Area Cellular Signal Enhancement Universities, hospitals, hotels, and corporations are just some of the places where SureCall's Force5 has been successfully installed, bringing with it clear and consistent cellular reception. FCC-approved for use with all carriers, each Force5 covers up to 25,000 square feet and 100+ simultaneous users; additional sys- tems can be added to cover larger areas. Sold as a kit with booster, antennas, and cable. Monitor and Control Your Force5 Installations From a Distance With Sentry Sentry is SureCall's latest advance- ment in cellular signal booster installation, optimization, and on- going management. A must-have for installers, it provides remote access to SureCall's Force5 via the Sentry software allowing users to adjust the attenuation to control: Over-Powering Oscillation Over-Attenuation Installer Benefits: Optimize installation by monitoring and identifying the strongest signal strength available and adjusting gains Quickly pinpoints malfunctions due to unforeseen changes such as newly installed cellular towers Immediate notification via email regarding booster failures or over-powering Visit www.tessco.com/go/surecall. TESSCO No. 511163 Force 5 OD Booster Kit List: $3,900.00 TESSCO No. 518449 Sentry Remote Monitor and Control System List: $1,764.00 Force 5 OD Booster Kit Sentry Remote Monitor and Control System

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