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DECEMBER 2015 JANUARY 2016 3 See TESSCO's entire product offering and your pricing on TESSCO.com or call TESSCO at 888.743.0655. How Samsung Made It Happen High-Density, Scalable Wi-Fi Plus Connected Devices Ben Brinkman, Vice President of Sales for c2mtech, says his company won the business based on their expertise and their ability to meet all of ILTexas IT demands through Samsung. "The challenge of finding a single vendor for everything was daunting," he says. "A lot of companies bid on different aspects of the contract-some with phones, others with network services or notebooks. But Samsung was the only company that had a solution for the entire set of needs. With Samsung, we had all the schools up and running by the time school started," Brinkman added. "This included a completely integrated package of cameras, phones, networks and mobile devices all configured and supported to work together with very little support." High-Speed Wi-Fi Network c2mtech deployed a Wi-Fi network consisting of Samsung WEC8050 controllers and more than 500 WEA302i access points to provide 20 GB access speed across multiple campuses. The Wi-Fi network was also integrated with more than a hundred dome cameras to monitor student safety and building security. Digital and VoIP Phones Managed from a Single System c2mtech replaced the ILTexas phone system with the Samsung OfficeServ 7400 enabling secure and encrypted phone service, voice mail and caller ID for all users over a single multisite network. The system powers both traditional and VoIP services over more than 550 Samsung DS21 digital and SMT5210/SMT5230 VoIP phones. Tablets and Chromebooks for Every Student More than 4,000 Samsung Chromebooks and 870 7-inch Galaxy tablets were preloaded with the ILTexas curriculum and anti-virus software, in addition to special firewall settings to restrict student access to approved sites and content. If a Chromebook or Galaxy tablet is damaged or lost, c2mtech can quickly disable it and deliver a new one. The entire solution took just three months to deploy, which Brinkman says would have been difficult, if not impossible with any other technology company. www.tessco.com/go/samsung_case_study ed needs on the spot, without waiting for additional equipment to be shipped. Finally, you won't have to worry about job site se- curity and valuable equipment being left unattended during off hours. Simply store the equipment at our location where it can be picked up and returned as needed. This could potentially save thousands of dollars in cost that stems from lost, stolen, or dam- aged equipment which must be replaced and save days and weeks of time in waiting for replacement materials. Keeping track of the necessary equipment and inventory for a project is one of the biggest keys to success, so we've developed inventory management tools that offer a centralized view of all inventory across proj- ect sites and depots. Whether you own the inventory or not, you'll be able to see, in one view, where your needed parts are in the ecosystem. All of these tools and services individually can have a positive impact on your project success. However, we go one step further by offering a Program Management team that works with you to simplify and optimize your process so you get the most out of the suite of services we offer. Our team has been working with clients to solve unique challenges, forecast future needs, and main- tain key delivery and efficiency metrics and will work to make you successful-however that's defined in your organization. A successful wireless deployment is complex and can be thrown off at any stage without the proper planning and oversight. Utilizing the services of TESSCO's supply chain experts removes the logistical respon- sibilities from the project leader, letting them focus on the success of the installa- tion, all while still receiving the reporting, inventory tracking, cost analysis, and back up required to guarantee success. From the first steps of planning a project to the final installation, TESSCO's comprehensive supply chain solutions will keep you prepared for anything. Visit www.tessco.com/go/enhancedservices. TESSCO'S Program Management team simplifies and optimizes your process. Quick Profile As used by ILTexas Samsung WEC8050 WLAN Controller TESSCO No. 506129 Number of Clients: 1,500 VLANS: 128 Max Number of APS: 75 Features: Firewall and Encryption Samsung OfficeServ 740 Supports: Up to 480 phones (IP, Digital Wireless, and AOM phones) Features: Emergency 911 Enhanced Functionality and VoIP Security/Encryption Samsung WEA302 Access Point TESSCO No. 506130 Standard: 802.11a/b/g/n-2x2 MIMO PHY Rate: 300 Mbps Features: Built-in security, Internal antennas Samsung OfficeServ 7

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