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DECEMBER 2015 JANUARY 2016 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 2 FEATURED SOLUTIONS Case study submitted by Samsung International Leadership of Texas is one of the fastest growing K-12 charter school districts in the state, with five campuses, more than 5,000 students, and 6,000 more kids on wait lists ready to join the system. They were in need of an IT strategy and provider that could deliver support networking, phone systems, surveillance, and mobile computing to meet their demands and keep up with their rapid growth. Samsung was able to provide digital and IP phone services, wireless networks, surveillance, and thousands of devices that connected the campuses into a cohesive community. Now, students and teachers are able to remain connected throughout the campus and the new access to wireless technology has transformed the learning experience of the students, letting them complete projects and work more dynamically both in the classroom and at home. Customer Need: A Comprehensive, Connected Campus Solution from a Single Source International Leadership of Texas (ILTexas) stresses the importance of leadership and cultural awareness for future graduates. Since its establishment in 2013 in Dallas, ILTexas has become one of the fastest growing K-12 charter school districts in Texas. To maintain this growth, the school needed an IT strategy and provider that could support networking, phone systems, surveillance, and mobile computing solutions. As part of its commitment to prepare stu- dents as world leaders, ILTexas relies heavily on technology, starting in kindergarten. Every K- through 3rd-grade student receives a tablet while every 4th- through 12th-grade student receives a notebook to use at school and home. The ILTexas technology program makes it easier for teachers to collaborate with students and make connections between cultural and economic differences. "We strive to help all students be ahead of their peers in using technol- ogy to facilitate their learning," says Joyce Wheeler, ILTexas Director of Technology. ILTexas employs a small internal tech team that covers multiple campuses. They needed infrastructure and integrated electronics from one source that was easy to manage. This included: A secure Wi-Fi network accessible from anywhere on multiple campuses. Affordable and reliable tablets and notebooks that could be easily managed and supported. Support for both IP and digital desk phones. An integrated security system to provide campus surveillance. We wanted to work with one source that understood our needs and could provide necessary support on- demand. We preferred that the technology come from one company, so we weren't constantly dealing with multiple warranties and repair plans," Wheeler said. Samsung Solution After a competitive review, ILTexas selected Samsung and c2mtech, a Texas-based telecom- munication and IT consulting company. Samsung was the only technology provider that could meet their comprehensive network demands to support digital and IP phone services, wire- less networking, surveillance cameras, and thousands of tablets and notebooks tied together across five campuses. Results With Samsung and c2mtech, students and teachers enjoy robust wireless Internet connections anywhere on campus. Students use Samsung Galaxy tablets and Chromebooks to complete projects in the classroom and at home over a secure network and remote management program. Digital and IP phones are supported across all five campuses over a single phone management service. And Samsung surveillance cameras help maintain campus security. The challenge of finding a single vendor for everything was daunting... Samsung was the only company that had a solution for the entire set of needs." Ben Brinkman, VP Sales, c2mtech Whether your project is big or small, short term or long term, having the right product configured, available, and accessible will greatly increase your chance for success. From determining the best solution for your needs to management of inventory, delivery, and storage, our comprehensive supply chain solutions will make your project run smoothly and will reduce costs while improving efficiency. TESSCO's solution design experts have hundreds of years of real-world experience and can customize a solution of products that fits your precise need, down to the small- est detail that could be overlooked until it's needed. This field expertise, combined with our product knowledge spanning over 400 manufacturers and 50,000 SKUs, allows us to make unbiased recommendations on product, foresee issues before they arise, and have you prepared to address them without losing pre- cious time or funds. TESSCO's technology also allows procure- ment managers to track their orders, manage against a customized Bill of Materials, set permissions for other purchasers to procure against the project, and monitor what is being purchased and by whom. It also ensures con- sistency by letting managers set predefined purchasing guidelines, so when a site needs more equipment they know they're receiving the right pieces as determined from central- ized planning. Once the project materials are determined, TESSCO's suite of supply chain services en- sures program delivery, on time and on bud- get. Stop worrying about configuration, deliv- ery timing, site security and warehousing and have easy access to everything you or your contractors need to complete a job, including spare and extra parts. First, our supply chain experts configure and kit your solution, putting everything you need in one place, assembling products for easy installation. The few hours we spend putting things together will save you exponentially more man-hours trying to find parts from multiple shipments and putting components together. Managing a wide ranging project with mul- tiple sites or build components can be com- plicated to navigate. Our third party logistics (3PL) services not only simplify the delivery of your products, but also speed up your project by eliminating lengthy transport times. Our network of more than 200 regional storage locations means we establish a storage solu- tion local to your project site, no matter how remote, and allow you to reserve your invento- ry ahead of time without the need for storage space to accommodate it and without the potential cost of excess, unused product. Most importantly, unlike other 3PL services, you only pay for what you use, as you use it. Utilizing a TESSCO Depot service near the work site also allows contractors to pick up what they need when they need it, so they can get to work more quickly and can address unexpect- Technology Solutions to Empower Young Leaders at Charter Schools Start-to-Finish Supply Chain Architecture from TESSCO Submitted by TESSCO Technologies

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