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DECEMBER 2015 JANUARY 2016 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 16 NETWORK SYSTEMS Wireless Fiber: Microwave Beyond Mobile Operators The fiber-like capacities in microwave radios and the capability of supporting legacy equipment while migrating networks to packet is a perfect fit for vertical applications. The easy-to-use, quick deployment and high capacity characteristics of microwave make it the mobile backhaul media of choice. The same characteristics are also attractive be- yond mobile operators. For example, governmental applications have been using microwave for many years due to its robustness and flexibility. Another common user is the utili- ties industry, which has strict require- ments on availability, long lifecycles and low latency for supervisory con- trol and data acquisition (SCADA) traffic. Recently, the fiber extension market has started to grow due to the fiber-like capacities in new mi- crowave product generations. Utilities' Need for Private Networks SCADA traffic has a modest capacity requirement and is dependent on low latency and precise timing. It has been and will continue to be the core communication need for a utility, whether its business is in power, oil, gas or water. With the change from TDM to ether- net in the transport network, timing becomes a new challenge. Fault trac- ing in large networks requires time synchronization, usually via 1588v2 with requirements equivalent to opera- tor networks. Further complication comes from fixed opera- tors discontinuing private line services and the need for a replacement. The transport network must support legacy equipment and at the same time be future-proof. Otherwise, major investments will be needed to upgrade all equip- ment simultaneously in the network. Governmental Networks Many governmental networks used by police, defense and public safety agencies are still investing in TDM technology. However, to provide higher capacity, there will need to be a shift in focus to ethernet. With limited governmental funding, this becomes a real challenge with some technologies, but microwave provides native TDM and native ethernet in the same product. Enterprise Connectivity The increasing capacity performance of microwave radio boosted by millimeter wave technology has enabled the fiber extension market. Extension of fiber points of presence with radio becomes an easy and quick way to establish connectivity for an enterprise. Internet Service Provider The ever-increasing demand for bandwidth to residential and enterprise users in rural areas drives the change from copper cable to alternative technologies. Microwave is used for two reasons: 1. It is cost effective 2. It achieves quick time to rev- enue Time to revenue is most important for the second-mile application when microwave serves as backhaul for a fiber hub. When serving as the last- mile connection for enterprise users, the cost competitiveness comes into play against fiber. Broadcasting Networks The main driver for microwave usage in broadcasting networks is the dis- tribution of terrestrial TV even if con- tribution and production networks also use microwave technology. The distribution of terrestrial TV signals has been digital for a long time, but the transmitters are going through a change from analog to digital. This drives an upgrade of the distribution network for more efficient IP trans- port or to include more TV channels. Multi-Service Networks To enable a healthy business case for modernizing utility and governmental communication we will see multi-service networks grow in importance and the merging of several vertical market segments. The traffic in such networks will require very high availability and security and the importance of having a trustworthy and stable vendor will be crucial. Visit www.tessco.com/go/ericsson. TESSCO No. 536598 80 GHz Radio, PT 6020, Sub-Band 11, 100 Mbps List: $3,392.12 TESSCO No. 580470 18 GHz Radio, CN 510 R2, A21 Sub-Band List: $1679.62 Microwave Usage in Vertical Segments DAS Installation & Maintenance (2 days) TESSCO No. 574795 Jan 2627 Hunt Valley, MD Feb 1617 Reno, NV Kaelus PIM Certification (1 day) TESSCO No. 348572 February 9 Reno, NV Mar 15 St. Louis, MO March 29 Hunt Valley, MD TESSCO Line Sweep (2 days) TESSCO No. 342583 January 2829 Hunt Valley, MD February 1011 Reno, NV March 1617 St. Louis, MO March 3031 Hunt Valley, MD Open Enrollment Winter Training Visit www.tessco.com/go/training for more information. Fiber 1-2-3: Design, Install & Maintain the Fiber Optic Network (4 days) January 58 Huntsville, AL January 58 Little Rock, AR January 58 Boise, ID January 1215 Vancouver, BC January 1215 San Diego, CA January 1922 Des Moines IA January 1922 Minot, ND January 2629 Washington, DC January 2629 Houston, TX February 25 Long Island, NY February 912 Miami, FL February 912 Lowel,l MA February 912 Austin, TX February 912 San Jose ,CA February 1619 Atlanta, GA February 16-19 Springfield, IL February 1619 Seattle ,WA February 2326 Frankfort, KY Authorized ClimberBeginner Class* (1 day) January 11 Kankakee, IL January 25 Orlando, FL February 8 Kankakee, IL March 7 Kankakee, IL March 21 Alvarado, TX Tower Rescue/Competent Climber * (3 days) January 1214 Kankakee, IL January 2628 Orlando, FL February 911 Kankakee, IL March 810 Kankakee, IL March 2224 Alvarado, TX *Specific Equipment Needed 80 GHz Radio

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