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DECEMBER 2015 JANUARY 2016 15 See TESSCO's entire product offering and your pricing on TESSCO.com or call TESSCO at 888.743.0655. NETWORK SYSTEMS Antenna Designed to Address LTE Data Capacity Galtronics EXTENT P-GTx2003- D2-XR narrow beam (20/60) antenna is especially designed to address LTE data capacity challenges for high capacity venues such as stadium, arenas and speedways. The antenna is perfectly optimized to enable high sectorization of wireless networks with minimal sector-overlap which ultimately results in higher data throughput. This performance is achieved through minimal sidelobes which are maintained over the frequency range of 698-960/1695- 2700 MHz. The ultra-wideband dual-polarized antenna supports 2x2 MIMO performance over all global LTE / 4G frequency bands. Features of the P-GTx2003-D2-XR 20/60 MIMO antenna include: Low VSWR of <1.5:1 MIMO support across the frequency range of 698-960/ 1695-2700 MHz Connector Type 4.3-10 DIN(F) or 7-16 DIN (F) Front-to-Back Ration: 25/30 dB PIM certification guaranteed: < -153 dBc @ 243 dbm, with every port and band tested prior to shipment. With its compact size of 14" x 35" x 6.7" and the rounded fiberglass ra- dome the antenna blends nicely into every environment. Several flexible mounting brackets are available to allow a precise antenna align- ment to achieve the best system performance. Visit www.tessco.com/go/galtronics. TESSCO No. 524447 698-960/1695-2700 MHz Directional Single-Sector MIMO Antenna List: $1,656.20 Single-Sector MIMO Antenna The Importance of Wall Mounts In today's environment, it's crucial to install surveillance equipment. When someone commits a crime, the sur- veillance equipment can record the action as it happens. However, there are two potential issues: Perpetrators may already know that there is surveillance equipment, so they may try to take or destroy the recording device. Recorded video may not even be reviewed by authorities in a timely manner, depending on their priority. Speco Technologies has the solution for these problems: multiple vandal-resistant IP camera options, which can take a fair amount of abuse. Intensifier records in color even at night if there is some ambient light available, or choose cameras with built-in IR LEDs that can help illuminate the scene in darkness. These can be configured/accessed remotely and Speco's wall-mount NVR, which is a patented device that looks like an alarm/power panel, can be concealed without anyone knowing its true identity. It's also equipped with the patented Digital Deterrent technology, which plays an alarm sound of choice when there is motion detected at the scene. This can help prevent crime before it happens. Recorded data can be exported remotely over the Internet in case of an emergency. Visit www.tessco.com/go/speco. TESSCO No. 569988 Wall Mount NVR, 8 Channel List: $1,676.68 Wall Mount New TESSCO Network Systems Partner SIAE www.tessco.com/go/siae Founded in 1953, SIAE MICROELETTRONICA is a global leader in wireless transmission solutions. With a history of 60 years producing microwave products, SIAE has extensive in-house development, utilizing highly-integrated RF and signal processing design to produce the most advanced microwave products on the market today. Spanning the licensed spectrum from 6 to 80 GHz, with capacities from 100 Mbps to 5 Gbps, our solutions are backed by our unwavering commitment to quality that surpass the expectations of our customers. TESSCO.com Launches New, Streamlined Order Process A new, improved ordering process is now available on TESSCO.com . Featuring a clean, updated design, customers will benefit from stream- lined, user-friendly functionality. New features include: Four-page Checkout Process that keeps customers updated on their order from start to finish. Consistent Design for easy use and clear communication of information. Worksheet Summary to track and update total costs and delivery information based on your choices. Progress Menu , which lets you go back and make changes or updates to your order easily at any stage of checkout. Save and Share Option to create a worksheet and send it for internal approval before placing your order. www.tessco.com/go/facebook T www.tessco.com/go/twitter Worksheet - New Order Worksheet Comments

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