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DECEMBER 2015 JANUARY 2016 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 14 After you choose the radio, choose Ventev to deploy, protect, power, and improve your wireless radio network New! Ceiling Tile Enclosure with Interchangeable Door Saves Money on Future Upgrades Dramatically Reduces Installation Time Ventev's new Ceiling Tile Enclosure with Interchangeable Door provides inconspicuous deployment of access points in a standard or Tegular 2' x 2' and 2' x 4' ceiling tile grid. After initial purchase, only the door needs to be replaced with any future AP changes, significantly reducing the installation time. Improves aesthetics, security and protection against dust. Compatible with Cisco 2602i, 3602i,2702i, and 3702i access points. Product Features and Benefits: n Quick and seamless installation of wireless access points n Meets NEC300-22 and 300-23 standards for plenum/ air-handling areas n Constructed of light-weight, powder-coated aluminum to reduce strain on ceiling tile grid n Allows service to the AP without removing enclosure from ceiling n Ideal for enterprise, education and healthcare NEW! CEILING TILE ENCLOSURE WITH INTERCHANGEABLE DOOR For more information visit:Ventev.com/Infra Contact: 800.851.4965, sales@ventev.com Ceiling Tile Enclosure with Interchangeable Door TESSCO No. 506072 CALL TODAY FOR DEMO: 800-851-4965 SITE PLANNER SOLUTIONS FOR TODAY'S SITE NEEDS TESSCO.COM 800.472.7373 Light enough to take with you, but tough enough to toss in your truck, the TESSCO Site Planner is an ideal resource for those who build and maintain communications sites. Request a copy of the Site Planner, or view at tessco.com/go/siteplanner. Site Planner TESSCO offers all government customers the products, service and support to meet all of your wireless needs. www.tessco.com/go/gsa Don't forget to catch TESSCO at January 6-9, 2016 Las Vegas, NV Las Vegas Convention Center MP25068 High-Capacity and Aesthetically Pleasing Wi-Fi Bill Moten of TESSCO Technologies and Jeff Lime of Ventev discuss methods of providing increased capacity from Wi-Fi networks for larger numbers of users. Infrastructure required by these high density networks can be disruptive to the dcor, so Ventev is introducing solutions for asthetically-pleasing deployments. www.tessco-one.com/talk Learn More from this Ventev Podcast: INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS

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