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December 2014 / January 2015 5 See TESSCO's entire product offering and your pricing on TESSCO.com or call TESSCO at 800.472.7373. www.tessco.com/go/twj INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS Combiner Systems Offer Superior Protection in Toughest Conditions Versatile, self-contained and de- signed as turnkey units, Telewave combiner systems are housed in welded steel frames or modular panels designed to fully protect the transmitter and receiver combining system. Because all of the elements are included, you have the versatility to add, retune or remove channels at any time in the field, without dis- rupting active channels. The M101- 450 UHF combiner system allows tuning adjustments to be made from the front and all connections are located at the top of the 24-inch rack for ease of installation. Telewave's engineering and design expertise is at the forefront of these combiner systems that feature High "Q" cavities with dual isolators, providing 80 dB isolation between channels. Telewave com- biner systems can be configured for multiple channels, and optional power monitoring for each channel is available as well as remote TX keying. All systems are designed for rugged environments, maintaining operational integrity in -30C to +60C temperatures. All Telewave products are made in America, and Telewave is an ISO-9001 certified company. Visit www.tessco.com/go/telewave. TESSCO No. 21640 400-512 MHz 4-Channel Transmitter Combiner List: $12,446.70 4-Channel Transmitter Combiner The Telewave ANT280S Discone is a rugged, lightweight wide- band antenna built to withstand extreme winter conditions. Multiple band interoperability - Operates between 118MHz and 3GHz Solid aluminum construction with welded joints for maximum strength Flexible radome prevents ice build-up Corrosion resistant Txylan coating Tessco SKU 396375 www.tessco.com/go/telewave Telewave antennas operating at -30F HE1U Series is Your Optimal High-Efficiency DC Power Solution The ongoing expansion of the mo- bile ecosystem is keeping pressure on the Telecom and LMR industries to increase the availability and qual- ity of connectivity. This, in turn, is causing an ever-increasing demand for more power to support the myriad communications devices at towers and infrastructure sites. In some cases, space constraints can be a factor limiting expansion. With all of this in mind, DuraComm in- troduces the new HE1U-5012-BMS and HE1U-1248-BMS to their rack mount line of products that provide more power in less rack space. DuraComm's HE1U Series pro- vides high-power density coupled with integrated seamless battery backup, smart battery charging and battery low-voltage disconnect. Designed to provide max efficiency in a small package, these switch- ing power supplies are only 1.75" high and 10.5" deep, yet are able to provide ample power for your requirements. These power supplies are 89 to 92 percent efficient and incorporate power factor correction on the AC input, providing notable energy savings. DuraComm understands the many power needs of your com- munications systems. They have developed an extensive line of DC power products to fit almost any application. With DuraComm's combined experience in LMR, telecommunications, public safety and WISP fields, they have the knowledge and experience to pro- vide the solution you need. Visit www.tessco.com/go/duracomm. TESSCO No. 537880 Rack Mount Supply Power Supply, 13.8 VDC Output, 50A Max, 110/220 VAC Input List: $720.00 TESSCO No. 507879 Rack Mount Supply Power Supply, 48 VDC Output, 12A Max, 110/220 VAC Input List: $720.00 Rack Mount Supply Power Supply www.tessco.com/go/facebook www.tessco.com/go/twitter

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