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TESSCO SOLUTION www.tessco.com/go/twj 27 December 2014 / January 2015 See TESSCO's entire product offering and your pricing on TESSCO.com or call TESSCO at 800.472.7373. Over the past five years, the technology driving mobile devices has evolved dramatically. Today, mobile devices give consum- ers the ability to handle many of their daily business and personal tasks right from the palm of their hands-from checking email to conducting financial transac- tions to reserving a flight. Today, the market is poised for the next big technology push to hit the mainstream, the Internet of Things (IoT). In industry terms, IoT describes the concept of everyday objects connecting to the Internet through embed- ded sensors with an ability to identify and communicate with other objects. While consumer adoption of connected technol- ogy is expected to be gradual in the short term, industry analysts predict widespread adoption in the next five years. Another common term for the prod- ucts that fall under the IoT umbrella is network-connected devices. The most well-known, network- connected devices include: Connected Home Products Also known as home automation products, including netcams, baby monitors, media adapters, smart appliances and remote switches, these products simplify consumers' lives by allowing them to use their mobile devices -anytime or anywhere-to con- trol or monitor home electronics, utilities and more. Consumers can turn lights on and off, change thermostat settings, monitor security systems and check in on loved ones or pets. Wearables: Health and Fitness Devices These products, Including smart pedometers, activity analyzers and heart rate monitors, give users an in-depth look at their fitness and health routines. Known for ease of use and reasonable pricing compared to other network-connected devices, consumers can easily see the value in health and fitness devices, which is why these products are expected to lead growth in the wearables market over the next five years. Smart Watches The second most popular wear- able device, smart watches interact with consumers' phones and provide access to calls, texts, emails, music and more all with a glance at the watch face, allowing users to keep devices in their purses, backpacks or briefcases. According to a recent sur- vey of 2,000 US consumers about their perceptions of IoT, wearables,and in-home smart devices conducted by Acquity, an e-commerce and market- ing consulting firm owned by Accenture, nearly two-thirds of those surveyed planned to buy an in-home, connected device in the next five years, and wearable technology ownership is expect- ed to double by 2015. The big- gest opportunity for retailers and other businesses to capitalize on market potential is to break down the main barriers to purchase: awareness (interestingly, 87 percent of those surveyed were not familiar with the term "Internet of Things" prior to the survey) and perceived value. MOBILE DEVICE PERFORMANCE Network-Connected Devices: The Internet of Things Submitted by TESSCO Technologies Whether you resell accessories, procure for your company or are looking to maximize the capabilities of your own device, TESSCO is Your Total Source for accessories to protect, power and enhance the mobile device experi- ence. Featuring an industry-leading portfolio with selec- tions from top brands, TESSCO offers Connected Home solutions, fitness and health products, smart watches and additional smart accessories. FEATURED MANUFACTURERS Belkin NetCam HD+ Wi-Fi Camera With Glass Lens and Night Vision TESSCO No. 515900 Belkin WeMo Switch TESSCO No. 502575 Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 TESSCO No. 513967 Misfit Wearables Shine Activity Monitor TESSCO No. 569370 Striiv Touch Activity Monitor and Smart Watch TESSCO No. 511336 To view our full portfolio of smart accessories, visit www.tessco.com/go/smart FEATURED PRODUCTS

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