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December 2014 / January 2015 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 16 INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS WHEN IT COMES TO GROUND RESISTANCE TESTING AEMC HAS IT ALL HANDS ON TRAINING EXPERT AEMC OFFERS GROUND RESISTANCE TRAINING SEMINARS Larsen Part # Frequency (MHz) Cable Conn DASLTE500NF (TESSCO 501918) 698-960 1710 - 2170 2300-2700 4900-5900 19.7in. low loss, low-PIM, Plenum Rated cable N Female DASLTEDIN (TESSCO 514827) N/A 7 16 DIN Female DASLTENF (TESSCO 566913) N/A N Female DASLTE500NFMIMO (TESSCO 513075) 698-960 1710 - 2170 2300-2700 4900-5900 19.7in. low loss, low-PIM, Plenum cable (2X) N Female (2x) PIMinator Series Low PIM DAS Antennas Please visit www.TESSCO.com/go/larsen for more information Industry leading, carrier approved, -155 dBc certified low Passive InterModulation (PIM) Distributed Antenna System (DAS) in-building ceiling mount omni antennas. The Pulse Electronics line of DAS in-building low PIM omni antennas meets the most demanding PIM require - ments for 2G, 3G, and LTE/4G bands for operators around the world. Introducing a New, Hand-Held Exothermic Controller Utilizing a Milwaukee M18TM REDLITHIUMTM XC 4.0 18-volt battery with a built-in fuel gauge, the DRONE from Harger makes over 1,300 connections on a single charge! The UltraBright LED indi- cates instantaneous ignition. The dual trigger ignition design adds an additional safety measure to prevent accidental bumping or misfires. The DRONE also includes a 6' cord, featuring a quick latch disconnect that allows for easy storage. The DRONE offers a number of attributes: it is safe, lightweight and features a hand-held, instantaneous exothermic connection and an extended battery life. DRONE ignites UltraSHOT copper drop-in weld metal cartridges that are consumed in the exothermic connection. Visit www.tessco.com/go/harger. TESSCO No. 543200 Ultraweld UltraShot Drone Controller List: $157.50 TESSCO No. 513196 UltraShot Drone Controller 18V Battery List: $242.81 TESSCO No. 543197 UltraShot Drone Controller Battery Charger List: $102.81 Ultraweld UltraShot DRONE Controller 12A Desktop Power Supply 23A Desktop Power Supply 35A Desktop Power Supply From Linear to Switch-Mode Power Supplies Most AC to DC power supplies can be categorized as switch- mode (aka switchers) or linear. Linears process input power directly and bring it down to the desired voltage by dissipating the difference in heat, resulting in a 50% efficient process. Switchers convert the input power to pulses through a cooler conversion pro- cess, typically running at efficien- cies 90% or higher. Up until the mid-80s, the radio-communications industry used linears to produce high cur- rents required to power transmit- ters, yet clean enough to avoid in- terfering with the sensitive nature of receivers. Though switch-mode technology was advancing, the noise produced by the switching process was interfering with re- ceivers enough that communica- tions professionals were reluctant to adopt them. Nonetheless, the idea of using switchers was still compelling. Linears are big, heavy and run hot. Since semi-conduc- tors hate heat, frequent mainte- nance is the norm. Switchers are small, lightweight, and run cool. If only the noise problem could be addressed. Recognizing this, forward thinking manufacturers were determined to design a clean and reliable switcher specifically for this industry. Now with tens of thousands of switchers be- ing used by those who depend on crystal clear communications every day, it is obvious that these pioneers have succeeded. Today's switchers are reliable too! The switcher typically has longer war- ranties than most linears and at a comparable price, making switch- mode power supplies the industry choice in today's environment. The Reliable Choice for Desktop Power The communications industry demands dependability, whether in public safety, natural resources or utility services. For over 20 years, Samlex's SEC Series of AC to DC power supplies have been recognized as the reliable choice by communications professionals. Specifically made for communica- tions applications, these high-effi- ciency switch mode power supplies run cool, operate RF clean and are packaged in a compact and lightweight design. Samlex offers three primary desktop 12V models in 12, 23 and 35 amps to satisfy the power require- ments of virtually all desktop mobile radio applications. Custom-fit, desk- top radio cabinet hoods are available for most popular two-way mobile ra- dio models to create an attractive and functional desktop base station. If the application calls for a 19" rack mount power supply, Samlex also offers a desktop-to-rack mount conversion kit. Since all Samlex desktop power supplies share the same mounting footprint, any one of the desktop power supplies, regardless of the power rating or ad- ditional features, will fit into any of the cabinet hoods or rack mounts. This standardized approach keeps inventory management simple re- gardless of the two-way radio appli- cation requirements. Safety-certified to stringent UL standards in both Canada and the U.S., along with FCC certification for clean emissions and interference immunity, Samlex backs all of its power supplies with an industry- leading, no-hassle, three-year war- ranty. Whether it is product selection, installation support or application guidance, Samlex delivers the best customer service in the industry with personalized and responsive live technical support. Features technology output voltage ripple and RFI to 120 or 230 VAC backup circuit and current meters Applications stations accessories radio systems Visit www.tessco.com/go/samlex. TESSCO No. 30918 12A Desktop Power Supply List: $119.70 TESSCO No. 71823 23A Desktop Power Supply List: $148.20 TESSCO No. 301129 35A Desktop Power Supply List: $156.80

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