Tessco Wireless Journal August September 2015 Page 6 TESSCO Wireless Journal August/September 2015

AUGUST SEPTEMBER 2015 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 6 INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS Low PIM SPP-250-LLPL 50 Ohm Plenum Rated Coaxial Cable Assemblies Times Microwave Systems offers its line of SPP-250-LLPL low PIM and low loss ple- num rated 50 Ohm coaxial cable assemblies. SPP-250-LLPL 50 Ohm low loss plenum rated coaxial cable assemblies employ a flexible corrugated copper tube outer conductor over a tape-wrapped low density PTFE dielectric core resulting in an exceptional combination of low loss, light weight and flexibility. Superior in electrical performance to other copper coaxial cable assemblies, SPP-250-LLPL ca- bles are the perfect in-building solution for PIM-sensitive distributed antenna system (DAS) installations. Meeting the fire resistance requirements of UL 910 for plenum rated ap- plications, SPP-250-LLPL cable assemblies are suitable for in-building jumpers and intercon- nects all the way up to 6.0 GHz. High quality precision connectors assure excellent and reli- able PIM performance better than-160 dBc. Features include: Low Loss, Low PIM Meets UL 910 Fire Requirements for Plenum Cable 10-Year Warranty SMA, N, 4.1/9.5 DIN and 7/16 DIN Connectors Available Cable Assemblies Available in One, Two and Three Meter or Custom Pre-Assembled Lengths Visit www.tessco.com/go/times. TESSCO No. Configuration List 525682 1m DM/DM $66.40 525683 2m DM/DM $82.80 525785 2m NM/NF $74.80 534265 2m NM/NM $74.80 570733 3m NM/NM $91.20 570736 1m NM/NM $58.40 579215 1m NM/NF $58.40 579316 3m DM/DM $99.20 502735 1m NF/DM $60.42 567735 2M NF/DM $78.80 534681 1M NM/DM $60.42 534682 2M NM/DM $78.80 504011 8M RADM/NM $95.04 525055 1M RANM/NF $58.46 566819 1M NM/SM $67.70 579945 1M RANM/RANM $58.46 590487 2M DMRA/DMRA $86.84 Solve Communication Needs With LoPro Five-Band Antenna From the makers of the original low-profile LoPro antenna, Astron Wireless offers the all-in-one, five-band, LTE 3G-, 4G-, and 5G-ready, low-profile, multiple-use antenna. Unlike any other LTE antenna, the LoPro LTE861924L provides superior high performance and greater coverage in five frequencies, including LTE, Cellular, PCS, GPS and Wi-Fi. At less than 1.6 inches tall, this easy-to- install LTE antenna can be mounted adhesively, magnetically, or with a threaded stud. Applications Include: Public Safety and Utility Vehicles SCADA and Telemetry Devices (fixed and "on the go") Security and In-Building Vending Machines Mobile Broadband Cards Mobile Access Routers and Docking Stations Eliminate multiple antennas by installing a single antenna that solves all of your communications needs. Don't regret-choose the original Astron LoPro LTE antenna as the obvious choice for the highest-quality, best- performing, all-in-one LTE antenna solution. Visit www.tessco.com/go/astron. TESSCO No. 571387 Omnidirectional Low-Profile Antenna List: $129.00 Omnidirectional Low-Profile Antenna

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