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AUGUST SEPTEMBER 2015 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 18 INSTALLATION & TEST MAINTENANCE Turn your RF techs into fiber test experts-instantly Today, techs test RF and fiber. Equip them with RF/fiber instruments from Viavi Solutions: the world leader in fiber test. Get more info at www.tessco.com/go/viavisolutions RF, meet Fiber! JDSU Network Enablement and Service Enablement, JDSU Optical Security and Performance Products, Network Instruments, and Arieso are now Viavi Solutions. JDSU is Now Viavi Solutions On August 1, 2015, JDSU separated its business to create two standalone companies. The JDSU test and measurement business that you know so well is now branded as Viavi Solutions. The business separation allows Viavi Solutions to focus even more on test and monitoring solutions that deliver unparalleled visibility from the handset to the network core, from the physical to application layer, and across the network lifecycle. Rest assured, Viavi Solutions re- mains firmly committed to providing leading test solutions for wireline and wireless networks. All of the products that you value remain in the portfolio and available from TESSCO, including fiber inspection products, RANAdvisor, RANAdvisor TrueSite, CellAdvisor, T-BERD 2000, T-BERD 5800, and HST-3000. Over the next few months, you will notice a transition of branding on products, packaging, and software from JDSU to Viavi Solutions. Don't be alarmed if you see a combination of brands during this transition. At the same time, we're rolling out exciting new programs to support and expand the highly-valued part- nership we have with TESSCO to help plan, build, troubleshoot and optimize your network. Keep Your Communications Up and Running Be assured that your communica- tion system is up and running at all times with Bird's new Channel Power Monitor. This exciting new monitoring system provides you with continuous information on the health of each component of your system and is accessible on any computer or tablet on the network or even the phone in your pocket. The Channel Power Monitor is comprised of a 1 RU central proces- sor and a variety of sensors, which work together to monitor all of the major components of a radio sys- tem, including each individual radio, the combiner, the feed lines and antenna. These inexpensive sensors are placed throughout the system, with a 5% accuracy that is trace- able to NIST and bring to you the reliability you have come to expect from Bird Technologies. The Channel Power Monitor hosts its own webpage for setup and display of all measurement parameters. This enables you to immediately access the system from any computer, tablet or phone on your network, only limited by your network security. The webpage dis- plays all measurements and easily allows you to set up alarms for fail- ure conditions such as high or low power or poor antenna VSWR. The unit includes SNMP functionality with both software and hard contact alarms and can even be configured to send you an email to alert you to an emergency condition. The system also comes standard with Data Logging, which takes reliability one step further by enabling you to see degraded performance before it becomes an emergency. When you need certainty that your radio communication system is working when you need it, trust the Bird Channel Power Monitor. Visit www.tessco.com/go/bird. TESSCO No. 524375 Channel Power Monitor Display List: $1,800.00 TESSCO No. 535624 Non-Directional Power Sensor, 144-960 MHz Frequency Range 100W, 50 Ohms, 1.07 VSWR, N Male and N Female Connectors List: $195.00 TESSCO No. 505623 Directional Power Sensor, 144-960 MHz, 500W, 10dB Dynamic Range, 50 Ohms, 1.21 VSWR, N Male and N Female Connectors List: $550.00 Channel Power Monitor World's Smallest Spectrum Analyzer Everyone who has performed link installation, troubleshooting or site maintenance tasks knows how difficult and time consuming these actions can be. SAF has created a truly revolutionary device that saves time and money in every stage of network development. Spectrum Compact is a light and easy-to-use measurement solu- tion for frequency bands from 2 to 40 GHz. Unbelievably small and lightweight form factor makes it far more portable than any competitor's device. Spectrum Compact's Main Characteristics: Industry leading-105 dBm receiver sensitivity Small and light, designed for outdoor use Intuitive GUI with instant On/off functionality Resistive LCD touchscreen Quick interference detection 24/7 remote spectrum monitoring Saving spectrum scans for future reference Spectrum Compact is designed to efficiently perform radio parameter verification, antenna alignment, interference and multipath detection, power in band measurements, and link troubleshooting. Free PC software is included for future analysis of saved spectrum curves and for generating reports. The device has a resistive touch screen allowing the engineer to operate it with gloves on. Spectrum Compact's high sensi- tivity (-105 dBm) detects even ex- ceptionally weak signals. The device performs a multitude of tasks from the ground level, and allows link troubleshooting without site traffic interruptions. Visit www.tessco.com/go/saf. TESSCO No. 519850 17-24.3GHz Spectrum Kit List: $5,000.00 TESSCO No. 540149 2-8 GHz Spectrum Compact List: $5,300.00 TESSCO No. 510149 6-12GHz Spectrum Compact List: $5,000.00 Spectrum Compact Full Body Harnesses Provide Freedom of Movement, Comfort and Safety Elk River Inc. Full Body Harnesses are designed to provide safety with freedom of movement and com- fort. Full Body Harnesses distribute the forces of a fall arrest across the legs, mid-torso, and chest to reduce the potential for injury in a fall arrest. Full Body Harnesses come with a center back D-ring for fall arrest connection, that slides to the proper position in a fall arrest. All of Elk River Body Harnesses are assembled from synthetic webbing made of polyester, nylon, Kevlar or a combination of these material fibers. All Elk River Body Harnesses are man-rated up to 310 pounds (141 kg) total weight. Elk River, Inc. Full Body Harnesses are designed to perform as stated when used as a part of a complete fall protection system. All connections and components of the system must be compatible with all other parts of the system. Visit www.tessco.com/go/elkriver. TESSCO No. 338082 Peregrine Platinum Series 6 D-Ring Harness With Removable Seat Bar List: $522.21 Peregrine Platinum Series 6 D-Ring To learn more about Viavi Solutions, browse www.tessco.com/go/viavisolutions.

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