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AUGUST SEPTEMBER 2015 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 12 INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS Concealed Internal Antenna System Not just another covert antenna, the peel-and-stick STI-CO Stinger is perfect for both undercover and marked law enforcement vehicles. It easily mounts inside the vehicle above the rear window of a car or the side window of a van or SUV, without drilling holes in the roof. Everything except a very thin durable mast is hidden above the headliner, making it difficult to spot from outside the vehicle. The Stinger is protected from harsh external forces like car washes or vandalism that result in the loss of communication. This unique antenna operates in the 7-800 bands or 7-800/PCS for two-way and mobile data applications. Visit www.tessco.com/go/stico. TESSCO No. 454562 760-896 MHz Unity Gain Concealed Internal Antenna, Includes 20' LMR195 Cable, Without Connector List: $82.00 TESSCO No. 422569 760-896/1850-1950 MHz Unity Gain Concealed Internal Antenna, Includes 20'LMR195 Cable, Without Connector List: $94.00 Multi-Frequency Interoperable Antennas The unique STI-CO Interoperable Antenna Systems are designed for mobile vehicles or temporary base stations to use in emergency situ- ations, without installing multiple antennas. These broadband anten- na systems enable first responders to communicate with each other on VHF, UHF and 7-800 MHz mobile radios seamlessly and complement gateway transmission systems. The rugged tri-band tactical antenna may be mounted on command vehicles, rooftops or in temporary command posts- saving space and simplifying set-up. Installation takes just min- utes without tools. The tri-band mo- bile antenna may be mounted on a vehicle's roof or trunk lid quickly and easily with either a magnet mount or NMO roof mount and will stay firmly in place even at high speeds. The tri-band coupler supplied with both styles connects to VHF, UHF, and 7-800 MHz transmission devices, while the quad-band coupler includes the aviation band. Visit www.tessco.com/go/stico. TESSCO No. 485638 Tri-Band Tactical Antenna System List: $1,145.00 TESSCO No. 312525 Tri-Band Magnet Mount Antenna System List: $618.00 TESSCO No. 341842 Tri-Band Magnet Mount Antenna System List: $618.00 Strong and Silent High-Performance Filter Specifically designed for the harsh environments of freight and passenger rail, as well as any other form of transportation, these STI-CO High-Performance Filters are available in VHF (low pass), 220 and 7-800 MHz (high pass) and UHF (band pass). Their compact design provides superior channel isolation and will reduce intermodu- lation issues by blocking unwanted signals. The panel surface mount provided may be customized to fit your particular needs, making them a perfect addition for loco- motive, base station and wayside communication systems. Visit www.tessco.com/go/stico. TESSCO No. 571712 High Performance Filter, VHF List: $316.00 TESSCO No. 571713 High Performance Filter, 220 MHz List: $316.00 TESSCO No. 533286 High Performance Filter, UHF List: $316.00 TESSCO No. 544903 High Performance Filter, 7-800 MHz List: $316.00 Unity Gain Concealed Internal Antenna High Performance Filter Designed for both Indoor and Outdoor applications Excellent performance on metallic and non-metallic surfaces Low profile design aesthetically neutral housing Vandal resistant stud and lock nut mount Ideal for remote monitoring and control applications Model # LPS69223NT-61SMAM Laird LPS Disk Puck Antenna Enables High Performance M2M Connectivity in Harsh Environments Operational critical commercial, industrial and field service environments demand fast and reliable real-time data and alarm - control functionality tomaximizeproductivity,iciency andsafety. The performance engineered Laird LPS Disk-Puck Antenna meets and exceeds critical operational needs by providing cellular 3G/4G LTE data coverage in a single port, low-profile IP67 complaint rugged design. WHEN HIGH PERFORMANCE AND RUGGED RELIABILITY ARE CRITICAL TO ENSURE M2M PRODUCTIVITY THE LAIRD LPS DISK PUCK ANTENNA MEETS AND EXCEEDS OPERATIONAL NEEDS. For More Information & To Order: www.tessco.com TESSCO SKU: 507030 www.lairdtech.com Multiband MIMO Antenna Six-Cable, Multiband Antenna to Match High Speed Data Requirements Mobile Mark's LTM601 Multiband Antennas are the perfect companions for the new 6-connector radios with 2xLTE, 3xWiFi and 1xGPS-like the new multi-port CalAmp Radios. The antenna elements are fed by separate cables and connect directly to the 6-connector ports on the radio. For any application that requires real-time video uplinks and down- link from vehicles-from emergency response to commercial transport- Mobile Mark's LTM antennas are incredibly robust and dependable. The antennas provide lots of cov- erage: 694-960 MHz & 1710-2170 MHz for Cellular/LTE; 2.4-2.5 & 4.9- 6.0 GHz for WiFi; and 1575 MHz for GPS. Models that combines GPS & GLONASS are also available. If you don't need six connections, take a look at the other LTM anten- nas. The LTM301 Series provides two Cellular and LTE antennas for MIMO coverage and one GPS antenna. All of the LTM Series antennas are compact and attractive and offer out- standing VSWR performance. The antennas take up significantly less space than multiple antennas and cut down on installation time and costs by offering a single mounting hole. It's a great choice for people who need a heavy-duty package and con- sistent wireless coverage. Visit www.tessco.com/go/mobilemark. TESSCO No. 509771 LTE MIMO, WiFi MIMO & GPS Surface Mount Antenna. List: $348.70 TESSCO No. 572052 LTE & GPS Multiband MIMO/Diversity Antenna. SMA Connectors. List: $216.30 Interoperable Antenna System

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