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AUGUST SEPTEMBER 2015 11 See TESSCO's entire product offering and your pricing on TESSCO.com or call TESSCO at 800.472.7373. INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS Optimizing Verizon Network Performance With HELIAX FiberFeed Direct As the demand for mobile data continues to grow exponentially, the demands on carriers to optimize their networks increase. Your network consumers expect always-on communications for critical business applications and increasingly rely on network connectivity for personal use, as well. You've already made significant investments in your network infra- structure. How do you continue to cost-effectively optimize that invest- ment and keep pace with increasing usage over time? A distributed base station solu- tion, which places a remote radio unit (RRU) at the top of the tower rather than the base, provides a few key efficiencies. For one, the RRU eliminates the need for a long coaxial link, a link that causes line losses and reduces network power. In addition, the remote installation increases the flexibility in cell site construction. Unfortunately, this can also create a unique set of challenges. More components are needed to install the remote unit to ensure connectivity, power, and component security. This can result in a variety of non-standardized connectors, sizes, and counts. As a result, the RRU components often remain at the bottom of the tower and the transmission coaxial cable is still used. For many opera- tors, installing at the top of the tower is a daunting task. Fortunately, CommScope's HELIAX FiberFeed Direct offers an easy, cost-effective way to increase network coverage and capacity with fast, simple, plug-and-play deployment of RRUs at the top of the tower. This cabling solution, specifically developed to reduce installation costs and standardize designs, solves many of the challeng- es of remote base station installation; By combining power and fiber into a single component, installation times and connection complexity is considerably reduced. This also results in a more standardized, easily duplicated implementation that can be replicated across towers. By eliminating the need for junction boxes or multiple cable runs to install, the load on the tower is reduced in comparison to other remote installations. This simplification and reduced tower load also makes it easier to protect the RRU installation, and the overall tower, from harsh elements. FiberFeed Direct supports nearly every RRU make and model and allows for the installation of up to nine RRUs per cable-providing scalability to enhance network performance in the future. This cable features stranded construction, corrugated aluminum shield, and integrated ripcords for easy length management. Installing HELIAX FiberFeed Direct can result in a 50-percent savings in labor costs to install and a 33-percent reduced load on the tow- er vs. solutions with a junction box. Most importantly, installing this technology now gives you a scalable solution that allows for easy expan- sion in the future due to the univer- sal nature of the connectors and the reduced tower load. Visit www.tessco.com/go/fiberfeed. TESSCO No. 516956 Heliax FiberFeed Trunk Cable, 200 Ft. List: $4,455.11 HELIAX FiberFeed Direct Cable Protect Your Investment in Vehicles, Equipment and People Havis ChargeGuard is an easy-to- install auto shut-off timer designed to safeguard expensive commu- nications devices and computers with intelligent circuitry protection. ChargeGuard works by automatically turning mobile equipment on when you start the engine. When you turn the engine off, the equipment stays on for an adjustable period of time and then is automatically disabled. When properly deployed, you can ensure that you'll never have another dead battery, at a very affordable price-cheaper than a single tow. ChargeGuard features easy instal- lation, easy-to-set switches, choice of sensing modules, voltage diagnostic LED and reverse polarity protection. ChargeGuard delivers higher productivity as it reduces downtimes caused by vehicle service calls, and equipment is on when you want it. You can leave it unattended without worry. Budgets are much tighter in this current economic climate, and many departments and businesses can't afford unnecessary dead batteries. Let Havis protect your investment by helping to keep your vehicle running efficiently with our power manage- ment solution. With ChargeGuard Auto Shut-off Timer, equipment is always available, and you never have to remember to turn it on or off. Visit www.tessco.com/go/havis. TESSCO No. 315672 12V Negative Ground Ignition Sensing Timer Switch List: $99.00 Ignition Sensing Timer Switch Improve Vital First Responder Communications in Your Building Westell's In-building Group (IBW), formerly Cellular Specialties, Inc. (CSI), offers Public Safety Digital Repeaters that significantly improve first responder communications indoors. Providing reliable wireless communications for first responders is critical for timely response in emergency situations. In fact, over the last several years, many counties, cities and towns throughout the U.S. have implemented mandates requiring building owners to have public safety coverage before a certificate of occupancy is granted. Westell's DSP85 and DSP95 Series of in-building digital repeaters cover the full spectrum of public safety 700 or 800 frequencies. Additional product line highlights include: Available in 1/2, one or five watts of power options 85 or 90 dB of gain Available in NEMA-type enclosures (1/2 and one watt versions) Multiple port configurations Rack or wall mount options Manufactured in the USA Westell offers additional public safety products including bi- directional amplifiers (BDAs), antennas and a variety of in-building system components. www.tessco.com/go/westell.com TESSCO No. 322731 806-869 MHz Field Selectable BDA, 85dB Gain, 27dBm Composite Output List: $8,125.00 TESSCO No. 367093 806-869 MHz Field Selectable BDA, 90dB Gain, 37dBm DL/27dBm UL Output List: $13,350.00 Field Selectable BDA High Definition Surveillance Solutions for Every Application There is no need to sacrifice image quality. Whether it's IP or Analog, Speco has the High Definition solution for every application. With Intensifier technology available in these cameras you can see the same crystal clear color images in HD in very low-light conditions. Speco's best selling full 1080p Intensifier IP technology is perfect for any video surveillance applica- tion and is easily scalable to meet growing needs. Our NS series NVRs auto detect the cameras making the install quick and easy. Speco Technologies HD-TVI camera and DVR line are for those who want a cost-effective 1080p upgrade to their existing coax infra- structure. With HD-TVI Intensifier T technology there are no issues with IRs or distance of cabling run. Speco's HD-TVI devices support UTC (up-the-coax) functionality, which allows control of camera's OSD directly from the DVR, re- ducing time spent on the ladder. With prices similar to standard analog devices, enjoy a smooth and cost-effective transition to HD! Speco Technologies' high per- formance SecureGuard Servers come pre-loaded with our powerful and easy-to-use VMS Software. SecureGuard Servers are fully scal- able to meet the growing demands of any business' surveillance needs. Visit www.tessco.com/go/speco. TESSCO No. 535623 Full HD 1080p 2MP Dome IP Camera List: $699.00 Full HD 1080p 2MP Dome IP Camera Log on to see whats new. Providing knowledge to choose the right products. Choices to configure the best solutions. On-time delivery and on-budget deployments. TESSCO.com

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