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AUGUST SEPTEMBER 2015 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 10 INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS After you choose the radio, choose Ventev to deploy, protect, power, and improve your wireless radio network Easily Mount APs, Antennas and Enclosures on I-Beams New I-Beam Mounts Simplify Wireless Network Deployment in Warehouse / Industrial Locations Ventev introduces new I-Beam Mounts that allow quick and easy installation of wireless network components in I-Beam environments such as warehouses, manufacturing plants and construction sites. Simply attach the AP, antenna or enclosure onto the I-Beam Mount at ground-level, and then install the mount onto an I-Beam with adjustable I-Beam clamps (included). I-Beam Mount Features: n Installs vertically or horizontally n Fits 3- to 10-inch I-Beams n Accommodates most access points, antennas, and enclosures n One-piece frame allows for quick installation with minimal tools NEW! I-BEAM MOUNTS I-Beam Low Profile Mount TESSCO No. 520385 I-Beam Industrial Mount TESSCO No. 520384 CALL TODAY FOR DEMO 800-851-4965 For more Warehouse Solutions visit: Ventev.com/warehouse For more information visit:Ventev.com/Infra Contact: 800.851.4965, sales@ventev.com Simplify Wireless Network Deployment in I-Beam Environments Advances in asset tracking, inventory management and high-speed voice and data communications have transformed many warehouses and manufacturing plants into high-tech workplaces that demand state-of- the-art wireless networks. High I-beam ceilings in many industrial environments make installing the equipment difficult. And, because of RF blocking obstacles such as machinery, vehicles, rows of stacked products, and people, mounting access points and antennas on the walls may not be possible. The new I-Beam Mounts are de- signed specifically to simplify instal- lation of access points and antennas in these areas and enable seamless network coverage. The I-Beam Low Profile Mount and the I-Beam Industrial Mount allow easy installation of most APs, antennas and even enclosures onto I-beams. Constructed of corrosion- resistant aluminum, these mounts can also be used for outdoor Wi-Fi deployments. The I-Beam Spring Mount, is de- signed to attach to a unique, indus- trial spring that allows the antenna to flex out of the way when bumped to prevent damage. In addition to ware- houses and manufacturing facilities, the mounts can be used in conven- tion centers, athletic facilities and stadiums, and big box retail stores. Visit www.ventev.com/infra/warehouse. TESSCO No. 520385 I-Beam Low Profile Mount List: $209.99 TESSCO No. 520384 I-Beam Industrial Mount List: $219.99 TESSCO No. 519253 I-Beam Spring Mount List: $165.00 TESSCO No. 577629 I-Beam Spring Mount With Antenna List: $392.70 New TESSCO Infrastructure Partner Fiplex www.tessco.com/go/fiplex Fiplex Communications, Inc. designs and manufactures highly innovative and cost-effective electromagnetic devices and subsystems for commercial and military telecommunications applications. The company supplies products and solutions for two-way radio and public safety, coverage extension (indoor and outdoor,) broadcast (TV, digital TV and FM.) Need A Quote? Call 800.472.7373 or visit www.tessco.com/go/quote

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