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August / September 2014 7 August / September 2014 The entire product offering and your pricing is on TESSCO.com or call TESSCO at 800.472.7373. www.tessco.com/go/twj INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS The Times- Protect LP-SPT RF Lightning Protection Tester End users now have the ability to check, either before installing an in-line surge protector or after a lightning event, that a device is working properly using the new and unique Times-Protect LP- SPT RF surge protection tester. The LP-SPT has been added to the growing line of innovative surge protection products offered by Times Microwave Systems. The LP-SPT provides the user with the capability to test virtually any lightning protection device or component to ensure its proper functioning and capability to protect critical and expensive RF equipment. Weighing only 16 ounces and powered by two 9-volt batteries, the ruggedized handheld unit is completely portable, making it ideal for field use. The LP-SPT unit has two terminals, N male and N female, to support testing the most popular in line RF surge protection devices and can easily test RF surge protectors with any other interfaces by using commonly available RF adaptors. At just 9" x 4" x 1-1/2," the slim LP-SPT unit comes complete with a heavy-duty, nylon carrying case, batteries, easy-to-follow instructions and a set of custom alligator clips to allow testing of surge protection components such as MOVs, diodes and gas tubes. Visit www.tessco.com/go/times. TESSCO No. 515265 Surge Protection Tester List: $875.00 Times-Protect LP-SPT RF Surge Protection Tester Better Networks, Better Performance, Low PIM Loads Since 1961, MECA has designed and manufactured an extensive line of radio frequency/microwave com- ponents with industry-leading per- formance, including fixed attenua- tors, directional and hybrid couplers, circulators and isolators, RF loads, integrated assemblies, DC blocks, bias tees, adapters and jumpers, and distributed antenna systems (DAS) equipment. MECA serves all areas of the radio frequency and microwave industries, supporting world-class network providers and supply chain infrastructure. MECA has long been the backbone of high-performance wired and air-interfaced networks, such as in-building applications, satellite communications, radar, radio communications, telemetry applications, mobile radio, aviation and air traffic communications. MECA's new compact low PIM (-160 dBc Typ) 50-watt loads feature industry-leading PIM performance of -155 dBc Min while handling full-rated power to 85C. All of the terminations cover 0.698-2.700 GHz frequency bands in 7/16 DIN, Type N & 4.1/9.5 (mini-DIN) connectors, VSWR equaling 1.10:1 Typ/1.20:1 Min. Visit www.tessco.com/go/meca. TESSCO No. 567719 0.698 - 2.700 GHz, 30W Low PIM Load, N Male Connector List: $557.50 Low PIM Load, N Male Connector

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