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August / September 2014 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 6 August / September 2014 INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS Industrial-Grade Cellular and Private Routers for Communication Challenges Security. Speed. Costs. Risks. All must be considered when selecting the right solution for your business challenges. Whether your business needs a cellular or a licensed spectrum solution, CalAmp is at the innovation forefront with its leading- edge portfolio of devices. Time-Tested, Proven Vanguard 3000 Multicarrier 3G Cellular Router Uniquely designed for operation on both GSM and CDMA networks for the energy market, the Vanguard 3000 offers more choice and redundancy in carrier networks. This single, flexible platform addresses a variety of wireless communication needs with serial to IP conversion, over-the-air configuration and system monitoring for optimal connectivity. It enables wireless data connectivity for up to two LAN and one serial device over public cellular networks at 3G speeds. Vanguard 3000 is the ideal solu- tion if you need: and CDMA within a single SKU nel GPS receive, which ensures best-in-class performance even in adverse signal conditions ager with auto-reconnect to ensure hands-free reconnection should an ongoing connection be terminated Viper Series Intelligent IP Narrowband Routers for Licensed Spectrum Designed for the energy, oil and gas, water and wastewater, and rail industries, the Viper series features an intelligent, point-to-multipoint bridge or router for licensed nar- rowband spectrum holders (VHF & UHF). These ruggedized devices reliably deliver faster data speeds to support telemetry and SCADA applications in bandwidths ranging from 6.25 kHz to 100 kHz. The Viper series is the ideal solu- tion if you need to: compromise using multispeed ing utility standards local outages device management widths and frequency bands Select applications for both the Vanguard 3000 and the Viper series: communication rates other environmentally important equipment Centralized Management Platform CalAmp devices can be managed, monitored and controlled using DeviceOutlook, a secure, scalable, reliable and enterprise-class device management platform. Visit www.tessco.com/go/calamp. TESSCO No. 569949 Vanguard 3000 Multi-Carrier 3G Cellular Router List: $650.00 TESSCO No. 504952 Viper SC-400 Series IP Router for UHF Band, 406.1-470 MHz List: $1,700.00 Intelligent IP Narrowband Router Multicarrier 3G Cellular Router Base Station Duplexers Combine High Performance, Innovative Design The Telewave TPRD-4544/4744 Base Station Duplexers combine high performance with innovative design. By using two TPRC-4504 or 4704 Pass/Reject cavities in the transmitter and receiver paths, these duplexers achieve maxi- mum TX to RX protection even in the most severe radio frequency environments. The design of these duplexers provides a bandpass character- istic with minimum insertion loss, maximum TX to RX protection and adjustable coupling, optimizing the required attenuation for ideal RX performance. The duplexers allow simultaneous operation of a transmitter and receiver into a com- mon antenna, making them ideal for systems with close frequency spacing. The Telewave TPRD-1554 has two pass-reject cavities in the trans- mitter and receiver sections for fre- quency spacing of 600 KHz or more. The TPRD-1556 has three pass- reject cavities in the transmitter and receiver sections for frequency spacing of 400 KHz or more. Telewave duplexers have -inch, aluminum top plates fully welded to the aluminum outer conductor, sil- ver-plated tuners, beryllium copper finger stock contactors and thread- ed Invar rods to assure maximum temperature stability, higher "Q" and many years of trouble-free opera- tion. All duplexers are tuned and tested with customer-specified fre- quencies prior to shipping and can be tuned easily in the field. Visit www.tessco.com/go/telewave. TESSCO No. 85411 450-470 MHz Rack Mount Duplexer List: $1819.40 TESSCO No. 25387 144-174 MHz Pass/Reject Duplexer List: $1,642.30 450-470 MHz Rack Mount Duplexer Online Editions Spend most of your life online? TESSCO's print publications are online too - always available, always interactive to give you fast answers wherever you are. Like a product you see? Click the TESSCO Number for complete specs. Click again to put the item on your worksheet for easy ordering. See what TESSCO's interactive publications can do for you. www.tessco.com/go/pubs Larsen Part # Frequency (MHz) Cable Conn DASLTE500NF (TESSCO 501918) 698-960 1710 - 2170 2300-2700 4900-5900 19.7in. low loss, low-PIM, Plenum Rated cable N Female DASLTEDIN (TESSCO 514827) N/A 7 16 DIN Female DASLTENF (TESSCO 566913) N/A N Female DASLTE500NFMIMO (TESSCO 513075) 698-960 1710 - 2170 2300-2700 4900-5900 19.7in. low loss, low-PIM, Plenum cable (2X) N Female (2x) PIMinator Series Low PIM DAS Antennas Please visit www.TESSCO.com/go/larsen for more information Industry leading, carrier approved, -155 dBc certified low Passive InterModulation (PIM) Distributed Antenna System (DAS) in-building ceiling mount omni antennas. The Pulse Electronics line of DAS in-building low PIM omni antennas meets the most demanding PIM require - ments for 2G, 3G, and LTE/4G bands for operators around the world.

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