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The entire product offering and your pricing is on TESSCO.com or call TESSCO at 800.472.7373. 5 August / September 2014 FEATURED SOLUTION OUTDOOR NETWORKS The Flexibility of Wireless Collegiate, medical, corporate, and industrial campuses all require an interconnected network of communication equipment that transmits and receives voice, data and video between buildings. User demand for mobile, high-bandwidth applications is driving technology upgrades and expansions of the communications capabilities of existing campus infrastructures. Wireless networks provide a great deal of flexibility in cost, location and speed of installation and support access to the network anywhere on campus, indoors and out. Save Time and Money Wireless network installation is often less expensive and faster than connecting buildings with wires. You can also experience lower operating costs on a converged network that supports any type of service or application. If you are leasing lines from a public carrier, building your own wireless network can save you monthly costs. Prepare for Future Growth Wireless links make it easy to increase bandwidth without equipment replacement or recurring costs, allowing you to scale your network as your demand grows. If new buildings are constructed or acquired, you can also extend networks to different areas without disruptive digging and trenching and provide coverage for buildings and areas not easy to reach with cables. Increase Reliability and Productivity A robust wireless network allows you to ensure business continuity during a disaster with true physical diversity. You can also improve staff and visitor productivity by allowing multimedia service at any location. Finally, managing your wireless network allows you to maintain local control over your network without relying on third parties. Product Selection TESSCO offers the broadest, most comprehensive product portfolio in the wireless industry, allowing you to find the best solution, given your budget and project requirements. System Design Put our 30+ years of wireless experience to work for you. Whether you need help with network design or product selection, our technical experts can support you. Visit www.tessco.com/go/techsupport to complete a design assistance request form. FCC Coordination The FCC coordination portfolio offered by TESSCO includes such services as frequency coordination and interference case resolution and applies to all of our licensed radio manufacturers. Financing Options Don't let a short-term capital expense prevent you from saving in the long run. TESSCO has many financing options to help you get your project get offthe ground. Outdoor Campus Coverage Recommended Product Categories n Point-to-Point, Point-to- Multipoint Radios n Access Points n Antennas n Controllers n Cables & Connectors n Rooftop & Tower Mounts n Enclosures n Power Solutions n Lightning Arrestors n Multiplexers n Outdoor Mesh Nodes n Switches/Routers n Test Equipment n Tools & Supplies n Training n Network Management & Authentication Rely on TESSCO for your wireless needs. We don't just provide quotes, we provide solutions. For more information, visit www.tessco.com.

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